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The Safe Word is Pink

Do you have a go-to color or color family? When you're stressed, upset, over all the noise or just colored out, do you reach for anything in particular? This week has been hard for me, but at the same time I felt pressure to really dive into the Christmas manis before I ran out of… Continue reading The Safe Word is Pink

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Fails and Fixes

I'm going to vent for a second. Do you ever have a day where you don't really feel like doing something and so when you force yourself, every single facet of it goes wrong? Yeah, hi! Me. Last night. To start off with, my peel base application from the previous week was shoddy and too… Continue reading Fails and Fixes

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Triple Vitamin Review

I've been hearing so much about Triple Vitamin liquids and there are some that just love it to pieces *cough* Rachel AT Schmitz *cough*, while others consistently get breakage and spider cracks in the top coat. When TV was having an epic Black Friday sale, I figured I'd snag some and try it out so… Continue reading Triple Vitamin Review

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Stamping with Chrome

I know I've talked about toppers and how much I love them to take a regular old manicure to the next level, but I wanted to show you guys another way to use it that doesn't involve gel liquids. I recently got my AliExpress order in after only a month (hah!), and I bought 5… Continue reading Stamping with Chrome

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How to Disguise Wide Nail Beds

Hold on to your forks, y'all- I'm about to take your sausage links and turn them into skinny bacon. What? Too much? Ok, let's dial it back some. I was not graced with the beautifully elongated nail beds that some of you chosen ones have. Getting a flattering shape has been HARD for me, and… Continue reading How to Disguise Wide Nail Beds

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That Chrome, Though.

Do you ever finish a manicure, look down and think this just doesn't do it for me? I've been there way too much in the past year, and I think I've finally found the fix. Toppers, y'all! There's flakes, glitter, stamping, chrome, and finally, my beloved holographic chrome. I have a treasure trove of the… Continue reading That Chrome, Though.

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Zooty Collection- Casual Clique

YOU GUYS. If you're reading this, quick- go to Zooty Nails and see if the Christmas collection is still available, add it to your cart and pick up the Casual Clique line while you're at it. I'm not sure if you remember my other posts about Zooty (here and here), but they're really a no-brainer… Continue reading Zooty Collection- Casual Clique

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My Dip Process and Ramblings…

Hello my lovely beauties! I took another step out of my comfort zone to record my dip process for you guys. The first step was deciding to publish a blog, which is making me feel incredibly naked and vulnerable. I want to show that I'm still learning as I go, but that even with little… Continue reading My Dip Process and Ramblings…

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Something Gorgeous This Way Comes

How many manicures per week = a problem? Asking for a friend. I'm so excited to be able to bring you guys a sneak peek of something unreleased in the coming weeks. I got a surprise package and stayed up late just to swatch and plan some combos. I'm going to be going through these… Continue reading Something Gorgeous This Way Comes

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Zooty Obsession and Sparkle Liquids Take 2

I'm going to just throw this out here, but Zooty owner Tracy Lentz is a nail and marketing genius and she deserves the utmost respect. I've been in awe since the Little Mermaid collection and have literally never been disappointed in a dip. There has been only one dip that didn't automatically self level into… Continue reading Zooty Obsession and Sparkle Liquids Take 2