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This Ain’t Right

The kids and I took a trek to the pediatrician yesterday, and I’m here to say that well visits in the face of a pandemic are...just so weird. The kids are fine. No one is sick. We don masks and have a pep talk about how we can’t touch things or like lick chair legs… Continue reading This Ain’t Right

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Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes

Hello friends. It’s been too long, so long, in fact that my WordPress app archived itself. Time to redownload and bring everyone up to speed. I’ve been slow, sluggish and cocooning myself in happy things. The truth is that every time I’ve narrated to you guys (in my head, usually in the shower), I scratch… Continue reading Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes

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Tissue Paper Tips

I've been cleaning like a mad woman lately, trying to make the household run like clockwork while fighting back at the chaos that ensues when three littles under 6 are the true rulers of the roost. This means I've found myself at a crossroad more than a few times in the past month. You know… Continue reading Tissue Paper Tips

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New Beginnings

Do you smell that? Ahhhhh the wonderful smell of starting fresh, cleaning the slate and ridding myself of extra baggage. I’ve always been a sucker for new beginnings even though yes, Karen, we know we could have started months ago so shove it. All the new starts have always made me giddy with excitement. First… Continue reading New Beginnings

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Fails and Fixes

I'm going to vent for a second. Do you ever have a day where you don't really feel like doing something and so when you force yourself, every single facet of it goes wrong? Yeah, hi! Me. Last night. To start off with, my peel base application from the previous week was shoddy and too… Continue reading Fails and Fixes

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How to Disguise Wide Nail Beds

Hold on to your forks, y'all- I'm about to take your sausage links and turn them into skinny bacon. What? Too much? Ok, let's dial it back some. I was not graced with the beautifully elongated nail beds that some of you chosen ones have. Getting a flattering shape has been HARD for me, and… Continue reading How to Disguise Wide Nail Beds

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Stamping with Maniology

I've always been interested in stamping but it still scares me. So the next logical step in my progress was to make a video of it so all of you who have been too scared to take the leap can see that it doesn't take courage to stamp, it just takes one step, and then… Continue reading Stamping with Maniology

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My Dip Process and Ramblings…

Hello my lovely beauties! I took another step out of my comfort zone to record my dip process for you guys. The first step was deciding to publish a blog, which is making me feel incredibly naked and vulnerable. I want to show that I'm still learning as I go, but that even with little… Continue reading My Dip Process and Ramblings…