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Taste the Rainbow

Why is it that every weekday lasts about 72 hours, but when you're geared up to enjoy the weekend...you blink and it's gone? Can't I get one single weekend where I'm like ok then, I think that's enough of that. Work, here I come refreshed and ready. Hah. This weekend, I learned a few things.… Continue reading Taste the Rainbow

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A Little Nail Flair

A couple months back, I was on the hunt for some new content, and you know how Christmas time is. Totally spendy. I won't tell you how much I spent, because honestly, I don't know, but the sales y'all. The sales. This isn't just for nails either, this is all around! I mean I even… Continue reading A Little Nail Flair

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2019 Sparkle Holiday Collection Review

I was given Sparkle & Co's holiday collection in exchange for an honest review, and I was a little nervous. Again. Not because I have an issue with the powders, but because I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around creatively and cohesively using colors that seemed so contrived like Christmas red, green and… Continue reading 2019 Sparkle Holiday Collection Review

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Zooty Obsession and Sparkle Liquids Take 2

I'm going to just throw this out here, but Zooty owner Tracy Lentz is a nail and marketing genius and she deserves the utmost respect. I've been in awe since the Little Mermaid collection and have literally never been disappointed in a dip. There has been only one dip that didn't automatically self level into… Continue reading Zooty Obsession and Sparkle Liquids Take 2

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Sparkle & Co October Sub Bag Review

I was approached by Sparkle & Co for an opportunity to receive their October bag in exchange for a review of the contents on a social media platform. Can you even imagine how excited I was? Prior to yesterday, I was the proud owner of a total of four dips from S&C, all chunky glitters,… Continue reading Sparkle & Co October Sub Bag Review