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New Beginnings

Do you smell that? Ahhhhh the wonderful smell of starting fresh, cleaning the slate and ridding myself of extra baggage. I’ve always been a sucker for new beginnings even though yes, Karen, we know we could have started months ago so shove it. All the new starts have always made me giddy with excitement. First… Continue reading New Beginnings

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Stamping with Chrome

I know I've talked about toppers and how much I love them to take a regular old manicure to the next level, but I wanted to show you guys another way to use it that doesn't involve gel liquids. I recently got my AliExpress order in after only a month (hah!), and I bought 5… Continue reading Stamping with Chrome

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Stamping with Maniology

I've always been interested in stamping but it still scares me. So the next logical step in my progress was to make a video of it so all of you who have been too scared to take the leap can see that it doesn't take courage to stamp, it just takes one step, and then… Continue reading Stamping with Maniology