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Triple Vitamin Review

I've been hearing so much about Triple Vitamin liquids and there are some that just love it to pieces *cough* Rachel AT Schmitz *cough*, while others consistently get breakage and spider cracks in the top coat. When TV was having an epic Black Friday sale, I figured I'd snag some and try it out so… Continue reading Triple Vitamin Review

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Sparkle & Co October Sub Bag Review

I was approached by Sparkle & Co for an opportunity to receive their October bag in exchange for a review of the contents on a social media platform. Can you even imagine how excited I was? Prior to yesterday, I was the proud owner of a total of four dips from S&C, all chunky glitters,… Continue reading Sparkle & Co October Sub Bag Review

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The Good, The Bad, The Goopy Liquids

Well guys, it finally happened. My beloved Panda Step 1 has gone and gooped up on me. I knew it was bound to happen, with the way I've been treating her. I haven't been giving her the attention she deserved, got lazy with the steps and even (gasp) touched up some layers after activator. She'll… Continue reading The Good, The Bad, The Goopy Liquids