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Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes

Hello friends. It’s been too long, so long, in fact that my WordPress app archived itself. Time to redownload and bring everyone up to speed. I’ve been slow, sluggish and cocooning myself in happy things. The truth is that every time I’ve narrated to you guys (in my head, usually in the shower), I scratch… Continue reading Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes

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Rest to Rise

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’d like to say something profound and apologize, but I’m just going to be honest here. I didn’t feel like doing my nails, and when I did feel like doing them, I didn’t feel like writing. And you know what? I’m not sorry. A friend of… Continue reading Rest to Rise

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The Next Right Thing

I got word today that all schools in my city will be closing for the remainder of the school year. It was coming, I know. It's necessary if we're still trying to #flattenthecurve, but I'm angry. It's not because I have to keep my kids home- they're my people, I am their safe place, I… Continue reading The Next Right Thing

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That Chrome, Though.

Do you ever finish a manicure, look down and think this just doesn't do it for me? I've been there way too much in the past year, and I think I've finally found the fix. Toppers, y'all! There's flakes, glitter, stamping, chrome, and finally, my beloved holographic chrome. I have a treasure trove of the… Continue reading That Chrome, Though.

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Fun Nail Finds and Gel Tips

Hi guys! Happy Weekend! Today I wanted to share with you some fun little things that make dipping a little easier or a little more fun. They're the extras that can turn a bad nail day into a decent one (we've all been there). I love a good deal so these things are going to… Continue reading Fun Nail Finds and Gel Tips

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The Good, The Bad, The Goopy Liquids

Well guys, it finally happened. My beloved Panda Step 1 has gone and gooped up on me. I knew it was bound to happen, with the way I've been treating her. I haven't been giving her the attention she deserved, got lazy with the steps and even (gasp) touched up some layers after activator. She'll… Continue reading The Good, The Bad, The Goopy Liquids