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Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes

Hello friends. It’s been too long, so long, in fact that my WordPress app archived itself. Time to redownload and bring everyone up to speed. I’ve been slow, sluggish and cocooning myself in happy things. The truth is that every time I’ve narrated to you guys (in my head, usually in the shower), I scratch… Continue reading Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes


White but Not Privileged: How to Understand What Is Going On Right Now

If you have a few minutes, please read this piece by DGGYST on privilege. It is dead on 🎯

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

I had an unusual upbringing. My parents were both mentally ill, homeless, and addicted to drugs. My siblings and I slept in a three drawer dresser (one drawer for each of us) in the back of a van my parents drove up and down the country. When my dad got too violent, maybe taking a knife to my mother, maybe tying her up and striking her, we would stay in a women’s shelter or a homeless shelter. Not for too long, though, because there was a constant need to outrun Social Services and the police.

The psychotic, dangerous road trips would always end with my father in jail, my mother in a mental institution, and my siblings and me in group homes or foster homes. These bastions had their own drawbacks, namely physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, but they were a short reprieve from hunger and homelessness.

Notably, I lived…

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Put. On. Your. Big. Girl. Pants.

Today, I want to go outside the norm. I'm going to stand up on this soapbox that I built out of love and obsession and deal with something that has really made me bristle this weekend. If you say something, own it. If you regret it, own it. If you crossed a line and you… Continue reading Put. On. Your. Big. Girl. Pants.

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How to Disguise Wide Nail Beds

Hold on to your forks, y'all- I'm about to take your sausage links and turn them into skinny bacon. What? Too much? Ok, let's dial it back some. I was not graced with the beautifully elongated nail beds that some of you chosen ones have. Getting a flattering shape has been HARD for me, and… Continue reading How to Disguise Wide Nail Beds