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I know that writing is meant as an expression of oneself for others, but I’m finding that in this journey over the past year, I’ve had the most to gain from this blog. I don’t mean financially, because I receive nothing from the site (no, it’s not monetized, no I don’t need it to be and yes, I’m actually paying so y’all don’t have to look at foot pic ads while you read), but I’m learning and growing and trying to become a better, more self-aware version of myself.

For instance, I’ve learned that I am less in love with one art form and more in love with the learning and growth in something new. I’ve always been a book nerd, but much to the dismay of my mother, I didn’t return to books often, if at all. Words were my first love, but the new journey is something else entirely, and why I can’t seem to put down new books or pick up old ones. I don’t reread books unless I’ve forgotten a significant amount of the plot and can then be surprised again. What does that say about me? I’m not sure if that’s good, bad…ambivalent? Nails were my obsession and lasted quite a while, but while I love the finished product, I no longer love the process of sitting down and divining something new, then painstakingly creating a masterpiece on the tiny tiny canvas.

Forgive me for my absence.

So what has pulled me away from nails this time? There was knitting (which I bounce back to frequently and still have some UFOs on the needles), there was embroidery (a couple UFOs floating around), there was watercolor (nothing in the works, but maybe I’ll get some sort of flash of inspiration), and most recently I’ve taken to dabbling in epoxy resin. Did I mention I’m also doing a yoga challenge to get great headstands as well as learning belly dance? My former therapist once called my hobbies my distractions, and I think she was 100% on the nose. I pull away from the stress by immersing myself in something new and complex that can take my whole focus away. And boy, is there a lot of stress! Between the 2020 from hell and the beginning draft of 2021 (2020’s tougher, older cousin)…whew. Things are crazy out there. To people facing negative and single digit weather without the comfort and safety of electricity and running water, you are in my prayers.

So let’s let my distractions become your distractions, yes?

First, let’s talk about this new dip company that I found, or more realistically, that found me! Kay Dips stole my heart at first sight of her eco-friendly sustainable, recyclable and reusable packaging. Like hello! And when I dove deeper in, I found that she has a jar recycling program via ECOENCLOSE. The jars you return will give you either points or dollars back on your purchase as well as brownie points for being eco-conscious for others. Besides that, the powders! They are SMOOTH AS SILK I tell you. I purposefully didn’t buff or clear top the swatches or my own nails so that you could see how smoothly everything went on. For the glitter, I did use a little plastic baggie (reduce, reuse, recycle people) to press down any errant pieces.

Cosmic energy and bubblegum! With another couple resin project photo bombs. *Hides in shame.*

OH!!!! The Dipalicious HEMA free gel!!!!! It works like a dream and no more allergy! I gave away all 35 Beetle gel polishes I own and will be starting over HEMA-free instead. Dipalicious gel is a bit thinner, so I’m having a hard time building up an apex again. Looks like maybe builder gel might be in my near future.

Girl’s day with bubblegum nails and thumbprint cookies!

But enough talk. Just look. Isn’t it so pretty? And the little extras you can buy- the keychain, glass file, buffer? Perfection. Not only is it beautiful, but the files are so good too. And peep the background? One of my numerous resin projects I’ve made lately. I’ve also been on a bookmark kick- a marrying of reading and art! I’m not sure what to do with them all, so I’ve been slowly dispensing them to family and friends who I’m not sure even read. This tray was done with revel Namaste, Jubilant and Panda Shake Your Teal Feather swirled in. In case you’re wondering, Namaste is just as chalky and clumpy in this huge amount of resin as it is on your nail. Beautiful, but HARD PASS.

Left to right: yin, chocolate bars, red bottoms, violet, bubblegum, cosmic energy, lovestruck, fierce February, cupids crush.

Anyway, I’ve taken enough time just getting this post out there so thanks for sticking with me! Love you guys for being here, please drop a comment so I can say hiiiiiiiii!


One thought on “Exhale

  1. Lol. Thanks for the share. Now I don’t feel as badly about my short attention span and propensity to try all different kind of…”passion projects”. Someone else provided the terminology or explanation as to why I find myself deeply ingrained for a hot minute then off to something else. Or juggling multiple activities for no real reason except that I can.

    Love your authenticity as always. Keep the good vibes coming!



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