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This Ain’t Right

The kids and I took a trek to the pediatrician yesterday, and I’m here to say that well visits in the face of a pandemic are…just so weird.

The kids are fine. No one is sick. We don masks and have a pep talk about how we can’t touch things or like lick chair legs or whatever. We have meltdowns several times about wearing masks, but it doesn’t make sense to me for some of us to wear it and not others, so we wear them. We have talks. They’re confused, because we never wander outside the confines of our home or the homes of their grandparents. And now it’s the world that they knew, but it’s not.

“Mama, why are the chairs so weird?”

“Mama, where did the toys go that were in the waiting room last time we came here?”

“Mama, why can’t I go talk to that little girl and share a snack?”

And then there’s the feeling of being completely well, but going to a place that’s supposed to check your wellness and to worry about leaving it with some new germs that could take out the older generations in the family. So after leaving, we quarantine for the safety of others. With our wellness. After leaving a well check. I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the irony of it all.

Did I tell you guys we have toads now? One day we were wandering outside and found some toad friends, and the next day we acquired a terrarium in an online deal in the shroud of night out of some stranger’s garage. I’m not saying we dealt with the black market, but I will say we got an amazing deal and he threw in a little water dish for a lake for them to soak themselves. We started with two, and then there were four and one day a giant tree frog appeared. I had to ask them to stop making additions. Actually, I had to ask them to stop touching toads and frogs altogether on the day of the incident. The one we don’t speak of, where I had to retrieve the remains of a small toad that was “swimming” in slime. So we’ve settled on three and they can look but not with their hands.

We’re pretty good at getting pets that are not the cuddling type- pygmy hamsters, toads, antisocial dog. I feel like a cat would fit right in. You can look, but don’t try to touch or meeooowwrrrrrrrr hiss.

Oh y’all, I did it!! I did an apex with gel! I just did a full coat of clear over the entire nail, then started with layer 2 instead of small layer 1 and it worked out. Here’s the steps that I took and it worked at least once. What was the saying they had in Grey’s and Private Practice? You don’t practice till you get it right, you practice until you can’t mess it up. Or something like that. That’s the goal, so I’ll let you guys know how it works going forward. Apex refresher pic, and you can find the whole description post here.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m usually a one and done Halloween mani kind of girl. I don’t like Halloween colors, black is too harsh for me to wear outright, and dark colors just make me feel so blah. So I did one Halloween mani, with a subtle dip at the tips on the left, and full on nails on the right. Here you go, let us not speak of it again.

Ok ok ok, we should probably talk about the dips. These are Zooty Chem X dips, the OG Chem X on pinky and thumb, Chem X Orange on pointer, Chem X Purple on middle and Chem X green on ring. I bet you could have guessed that, huh? If you’re jonesing for some Zooty and notice the site is down, that’s good! You made it early for a restock. Go to the Facebook group and turn on notifications, because you’re in for a treat. The next Zooty live is happening this Sunday (11/1) at 5 PM EST and the site will open directly afterward. If you were too late for the release, you might want to join some buy/sell/trade groups like this Zooty only group that sells for retail instead of the massive up-selling we’ve been seeing lately.

I needed a SERIOUS palate cleanse after that mani, so obviously I reached for nudes. Because I’m boring and old and boring. But look, I’m knitting ghost socks so that’s kind of cool, right? Knitting photobomb completely unintentional. Cough. Did you believe that? Cause I have some pretty awesome investment opportunities for you…

These gawgeous colors are also Zooty- Mama Morton (my fave glitter!!) and Exposed. Aren’t they both absolutely brilliant? I mean just look at it.

Zooty Exposed and Mama Morton with Beetles Gel Liquids and Zooty Clear

When I’m not posing completely haphazardly in the vines with coincidental mid-knit shots, I’ve been actually knitting and then posing with the finished knits. If you want to see, scroll on down. If you couldn’t give two licks about yarn, well…bye then. 😭 Happy Halloween to all of you. May it be spooky, fun and full of weird mummy hotdogs and other foods that will probably shave at least a year or two off your life. ✌🏽 Keep scrolling for the random non-nail content.


[Click to show full size 🙂 ]

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