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Making Them Last- The 3 Week Changes

Hello friends.

It’s been too long, so long, in fact that my WordPress app archived itself. Time to redownload and bring everyone up to speed. I’ve been slow, sluggish and cocooning myself in happy things. The truth is that every time I’ve narrated to you guys (in my head, usually in the shower), I scratch out every word, shake it off and move on. There’s so much negativity surrounding us these days that I haven’t been upbeat enough to want to enter your inboxes. I want to bring you roses and sunshine and rainbows. Instead, I’m bringing you me. Hairy, unkempt and using every possible extra second to hold my kiddos close.

I could use a shave, a brow wax, a hair cut, a facial- heck, even a shower would be an improvement (kidding, I literally just stepped out and had to write).

So what do you do when things feel overwhelming? For me, I wallow and fret a bit and then I break it down. I take one little piece and call it an accomplishment. Today, my accomplishment is writing you to say, hi friend. I hope you are well. I hope you are safe. I hope you are surrounded by hope and love. My inbox is open if you need an ear.

Super quick process update! Because I’ve been feeling so pressed lately, my nails are not getting touched as often as they were. I’ve been keeping these bad boys on for a solid 3 weeks without cuticle lifting and I’m here to tell you the changes that helped.

1. Dry Prep– That’s right, no liquids allowed 🛑 That is not to say you can’t use acetone to soak or use your cuticle remover if that’s what you like. There’s something super satisfying about scraping off that cuticle with nothing but a pusher and a prayer, and I get that! For me, this step has been all about what will take up the least amount of time, and acetone takes FOR-EV-ER to soak off dip sometimes. I also hate the resulting dry hands. Instead, I’ve been using my drill with a pineapple ceramic bit and I can drill off both hands smoothly in 20 minutes flat. I do use a couple layers of clear underneath the color as always, so I’m not going all the way down to the nail. Once that’s done, I switch the little bubble with a pointy tip cuticle thingie and I get rid of all the invisible cuticle around my nail bed. Thassit.

2. Gel Method– I mean, doing nails like Darth Vader is hot and all, but I found some gels that work so well and have absolutely no fumes! I used to reserve this for a chromed topper, but Beetles gel is my go-to for lung friendly dipping now (plus it’s like $8 for the set so cha-ching 🤑). It’s all a little different than dip liquids, so I’m working on the right method to build up an apex on my flat nails since I can’t get it *quite right*. Stay tuned for that one. Bonus that since gel is softer and more flexible than dip, it drills off so much faster. No cement nails here. I also initially started doing only a single layer of the base/foundation and then dipping with top gel but that is so last year. I found that using base throughout helps it go on better, smoother and last longer. One note- putting base as a protective layer over color DID NOT WORK. I did this on my left and it was fine for a day and then clouded up. My right wasn’t topped with base before top coat, and it didn’t fog at all. Take that whatever way you will, and feel free to experiment. I only noticed this on two occasions, so throwing it out so no one comes after me 🥴

Anyway, that’s literally it! Those two changes have had my nails holding on for dear life and waving hello to the new growth coming up behind them. Nothing caught in my hair, no breakage. Try it out and let me know what you think! Till then, which do we like better? To ombre or no?

Oh! The colors are Dipalicious Nails the Mauve Squad and Empyrean. Jerinae (the owner) is fab and her powders are almost as great as she is. DO IT- you won’t regret it, I promise.


P.S. Catch me on insta where I post even when I don’t have it in me to write. You can even see my desperation socks that I knit in one week of hiding from the world. Holla @nail_dipaholic

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