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Brand Spotlight: Dipalicious Nails

This entire week has knocked me down and dragged me by my frizzy, unwashed hair from Monday through Humpday. Holla if you feel me.

Anyone else get the official “we aren’t coming back for summer camp” letter? Anyone else drown their sorrows in tiramisu and chocolate chip cookies? My mama gifted me some homemade tiramisu for Mother’s Day and man did it ever come in clutch. So what do I do with three week grown out nails when all I want is to swath myself in knit fabrics and hide under the covers? PANK. Like a hug for my fingers.

I’ve been having such a hard time keeping up with friends and family through all this. Anyone else? 🙋🏽‍♀️ To make matters worse, we had legit our worst homeschool day in the history of homeschool. My 5 year old hit puberty early and decided to yell at me and stomp up the stairs while hollering “I hate my family!” He has now been rehomed. Just kidding, but his room has been gutted. Is that what you do in these situations? Remove the things that make bedrooms fun like Alexa and toys? I’m new to this, we’re just trying stuff out to see if it sticks. I did give him a big hug and fed him some food. Hangry happens I guess.

I had a porch visit with two of my dear friends and work buddies last weekend, and it was so invigorating! I was relieved and happy to see their faces and to talk to someone other than my immediate family. I wanted so desperately to hold the itty bitty squishy baby, but I just couldn’t. Just seeing her rooting for milk and give a big yawn from a distance was amazing! I miss my kids being little like that, but I love watching them grow up. Now, my youngest is asking me actual questions that make sense. She was confused by jeans that day though. I came downstairs actually dressed in preparation for our visit and she rubbed my legs, looked perplexed and said “mama, what is this you is wearing??” Jeans, baby. They’re called jeans. A relic from the COVID-free times, if you will. I couldn’t wait to get those off after I got home! Now that my body knows true freedom, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to endure zippers and buttons and clasps again. 😂

🎵🎶 On to the pink, on on to the pink
(I got a million ways to wear it) 🎶🎵

Peep my zebra pajama pants in my “home office” yo. This is the sunroom, aka the playroom 🤦🏽‍♀️

I broke out my Dipalicious that had been hanging around un-swatched and sad. Still without swatching, I took out Blush, Erbium chrome and the dual dip base/top coat liquid. This was the one in the new bottle, so I was excited to give it a go and see if it was any different from the older bottle. It seems like the same formula, but maybe just the bigger brush holds onto more liquid? It went on a little thicker and dried a little slower. I’d say a good medium dry time. As a base, I could tell that the coats were a little thicker than they are with Triple Vitamin. This wasn’t bad- easy, full coverage in two dips was great BUT if I hadn’t already done apex layers with my previous mani, I would have been worried about it getting too thick. Apex layers (found here) need to be incredibly thin or you’ll quickly add too much bulk to the tip of your nail.

I wanted to be able to review the new solo dip top coat for you guys too, but I totally flaked. I was desperate to try the pink chrome and that meant gel. I’m also super weird about shine not “matching” (strange, right?), so I didn’t mix and match my tops. I’ll catch you on another round!

Let’s talk about these flowers, yeah? For like $7 when I got them over a year ago on Amazon, I was able to play around with them on multiple manicures and really get technique down. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ These will be bumpy at first. Don’t panic. There are some easy tips to follow.

1. Do one less layer than you usually do on your nail. You’re about to add bulk. Here, I did apex layers and one layer of Blush, knowing that I was going to add another layer on top.

2. In preparation for applying the dried flowers, grab your supplies. You’ll need a plastic baggie (or your dip cap if you’re lazy like me), tweezers and maybe nail nippers to trim down as needed. Don’t use your good tweezers! Pick out the flowers you’d like to use and put them to the side where they’re easily accessible.

3. Apply a medium-thickness layer of base on the nail and apply flowers. You don’t want ultra thin or it’ll dry too quickly, but you also don’t want to flood your nail bed. Immediately use your tweezers to pick up and place your flowers wherever you want them. They’ll be moveable for a good 15 to 30 seconds or so.

4. Working somewhat quickly, use your baggie or the side of your dip cap to press down and roll over the flowers. The dip doesn’t adhere well to the plastic surface, unlike your finger pad. This will allow you to get it nice and thin and as flat as possible. There will be bumps. That’s ok!

5. Apply another thin layer of dip over the flowers. Dip into clear, or a sheer dip. I used another layer of semi-sheer Blush.

6. Activate and file/buff. Because I knew I was using chrome on my ring and wanted an ultra smooth surface, I broke out my electric drill. I talked about it in my last post, but seriously they are just amazing. Talk about making dipping so much easier! It’s definitely not a necessity, but more like buying that Hummer when you really only needed a Civic. Flex. Get the nail nice and smooth. You may end up filing off a little of your flowers, which is ok. They don’t have to be precise to be gorgeous, promise. I filed off some of mine as well!

7. Activate and top coat as usual. Admire your work.

This wasn’t my first time trying Dipalicious powder or liquids, and I’d have to say Jerinae is super consistent with her products. Blush was incredibly easy to dip into, wasn’t stiff at all, didn’t clump or lump up, and filed down without spots. You could tell Erbium chrome was pure from the way it stuck together but chromed to an intense mirror shine. No weird fillers or claiming to be “chromeable” but really mostly dip powder. This was up there with the best chromes I’ve tried! You’ll want to join the Facebook group for release news and sales.

OH! You guys! There’s this amazing group that gives away free stuff, including drills and drill bits. If you love free products that are legitimately amazing, join here! I don’t get anything for having you guys join, so you can sneak in or say I sent you. Either way.


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