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Taste the Rainbow

Why is it that every weekday lasts about 72 hours, but when you’re geared up to enjoy the weekend…you blink and it’s gone? Can’t I get one single weekend where I’m like ok then, I think that’s enough of that. Work, here I come refreshed and ready. Hah.

This weekend, I learned a few things. Color memory really makes your brain feel things, like Skittles cravings. I have the most patient dog in the world. Kids can be endlessly occupied with glow in the dark things and flashlights. I mean, endlessly for about five minutes at least. No matter how many times you tell the youngest kid to sit, they will not, in fact, sit. Getting dolled up makes you instantly feel like a person again. Everyone making hand sanitizer out of aloe vera gel is cramping my hair game- I can’t find my preferred brand anywhere! And finally, weekends are entirely too short and never as restorative as one might think.

Keeping in the spirit of quarantine craziness, I’ve vowed to stay away from my normal nudes and subtle pinks for the next few weeks in favor of injecting a little bit of crazy color in my life. I’m hoping that I’ll get it out so much that when I go back in office, I’ll welcome the boring and safe colors that I normally gravitate to. I did buy a soft pink and pink glitter just yesterday from Jewels Dips, but it was free shipping so it doesn’t count. That’s how that works, right?

Guys. I literally am falling asleep typing here. Let’s cut to the chase. I have vertical ombréd glitter rainbows on my fingers and the girls begged for some finger rainbows too. We made an event of it, and it’s too dang cute. The end.

Proof of makeup and personality resuscitation! Only for one day though 😂

For the ombre, I used my favorite slow dry base, Triple Vitamin. I sprinkled the dip on with an eyeshadow brush, and used the Zooty Get Lit Glitter Dip collection that always seems to make an appearance on my girls. It’s seriously a phenomenal dip to ombré with because the glitter disguises any imperfections, it’s fine so doesn’t need much manipulation and probably the best part is that the dips all glow different colors! How freaking cool is that? I topped with clear, because it does have a tiny bit of texture and I love a good, smooth finish. My top coat this time around was Sparkle’s Glossy Top Coat 2.0. The sheen is absolutely amazing for a non-gel! I keep forgetting to buy an extra, but I really need to. If you’re addicted to shine you totally need it. It’s not finicky time-wise (although I will say, let it sit after shipping. I had little bubbles the first time and I think it was because I used it immediately after the mailman dropped it in my box), doesn’t flood and gives amazing reward for so little effort. I haven’t had my brush harden yet, which I tend to do with other brands. I’m a little impatient when it comes to the wait time between activator and top coat. Whoops.

Oh! I totally forgot, but I got to try out a new drill last night! It was legit amazing. It’s portable, so I was a little afraid that the strength would be on par or less than my dinky $20 starter drill that stays plugged in. I was wrong! Not only did it come to me fully pre-charged, but the power behind it was phenomenal. I drilled off all of the dip to the clear on my one hand and the indicator light still showed full battery. I did use my regular removal tip, the pineapple one, but the drill itself came with the standard metal drill bits and sanding bands. It didn’t slow down at all when I applied a little pressure, and I can drill wherever I want now! This is awesome since I was previously tethered with a short chord to whichever wall plug was open. I don’t typically use a drill after dipping for shaping, unless the dip went on unevenly. I don’t think I’ve ever had to use a drill on Zooty dips, besides that one foray with It’s Science. She was worth the work and honestly, seeing the transformation was amazing! Of course, as strong as she is, it’s completely customizable with the turn dial so you can use for shaping with a different bit if you’d like. I would recommend going low and slow at first. Also, not sure you want to turn it all the way up unless you’re doubling this as a wood drill. Just kidding, don’t do that. But seriously, don’t turn it all the way up or it’s going to skitter across your entire hand and leave flames in its wake like that fire spirit from Frozen. Again with the Frozen GAH.

Anyway, it’s been real and catch y’all next week. Stay sane and stay inside if you can. A big thank you to all healthcare workers, essential workers, truckers, Shipt drivers, grocery store workers, toilet paper manufacturers and farmers! I know I’m missing a lot of people that really make the world go round, but if I missed you…consider yourself essential too, and thanked.


P.S. A note on coupons: You can use code Melanie15 for 15% off at Sparkle & Co, on everything except sub bags. Name a referral and you can get a $9 credit for first purchase, or $18 credit on sub bags. Zooty doesn’t have standard coupon codes, but you might get lucky in the Zooty Facebook group. Tracy has done it before, might do it again. Besides, you’ll need to join to know when amazing releases are going to happen!

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