Dip Powder Nails

The Next Right Thing

I got word today that all schools in my city will be closing for the remainder of the school year. It was coming, I know. It’s necessary if we’re still trying to #flattenthecurve, but I’m angry. It’s not because I have to keep my kids home- they’re my people, I am their safe place, I welcome their presence. It’s because while this was deemed necessary, they simultaneously reopened our beaches and put the limit at gatherings of fifty people or more. There are people protesting that this virus is a lie, which is essentially negating everything that we are doing to combat overwhelming our men and women who are fighting to save lives every day. While reusing face masks that they have to place in paper bags to “air out” that “should” kill the virus that it comes in contact with. People that were trained on how to appropriately use protective equipment and what happens if you don’t use it correctly…who are now being told that it doesn’t really matter anymore, and homemade masks will do just fine for now. These are people spitting in the face of the 40,000+ mothers, fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, aunts, husbands and wives that have died in the United States already from this novel virus strain. And you know, all debate aside on the actual vs observed and potentially inflated mortality rate, the problem is that it doesn’t matter what percentage of people die…until it’s someone that matters to you. And a doctor has to decide the worth of their life, and if they get a ventilator or not.

So here I am, working from home and floundering. I’m simultaneously trying to keep track of my son’s school assignments, keep my two younger kids busy and not screaming during conference calls, keep up with my own work by taking a few nights a week to work until midnight, all while also being a mom and a housekeeper, a chef and a personal toy locator. My grip on reality is slipping slightly, and it’s shown in how I went two weeks without touching my nails. Yes, even when the peel base worked and I was left with lifting clear and my thumb nail broke off. I looked at them and didn’t even feel the urge to dip my hand in acetone and start again.

I did nothing this weekend besides tend children and make meals. I refused to do laundry, refused to work through the weekend and refused to clean bathrooms and floors or anything else. I took this time to savor a bath after the kids went to bed, to give myself a facial so I can actually look a little like myself, and to have hot tea and knit a little bit (a very little bit). These are stolen moments where I chose to ignore the nagging voice and the weight of the work piling up. I can’t tell you how much more human it made me feel to do it. Was it indulgent? Yes. Do I have piles of laundry waiting? Heck yes, but it was more than necessary. I urge everyone who has been burning the candle at both ends to pause and give themselves grace. Give your kids grace. Just know that you aren’t alone in the insanity, and it’s ok to not be ok.

So we made pizza. And I pampered my girls by doing their nails while my son hung out with dad and played video games. And I sat silently and watched them, listened when they spoke to me and watched Frozen II for the 87th time since quarantine began. I hope I look back and remember the feeling of having my kids light up at the thought of kneading pizza dough rather than the overwhelming anxiety of having too much to do and not excelling at any of it.

Since I’m home and no one, literally no one, will be seeing my nails, I’ve done the last couple manis as mismatched to see what really speaks to me. I didn’t share them even though it’s been 3 weeks since the first two were done…so here they are. They all come predominantly from the most recent Zooty collection, Wild Bling, and accompanying extras. How freaking pretty are these dips?

I want to go into all the little details and nuances of application and really walk through it, but I just can’t. I don’t have it in me. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer. It’s almost midnight here and my batteries need recharging more than I ever knew they could.

Mani #1: Mermaid Tartare version 1, Goodbye to Sandra Dee. I only used one layer of glitter and filled in any empty spots. Coat this one in clear or regret it. Liquids were Mani Mix.

Mani #2: Soplar on all fingers except ring. Ring is 24k, 2 dips, no clear needed. I used Mani Mix liquids for base and activator, and Amelie gel base and top coat to be able to chrome 24k over my middle finger.

Mani #3: This one was so fun and unexpected for me! From pinky to thumb- Zuko with Jou Jou Dust No1 chromed over top; Midnight Mermaid with Peacock chrome over top; Midnight Mermaid (1 dip + clear); Zuko. Liquids were Triple Vitamin and Amelie gel base and top coat. My ring finger is a bit lumpy, but I don’t care enough to fix it 😂

Mani #4: Snazzy (flaked glitter), 1 coat with clear and Diplomatiq Nail’s Wednesday with Snazzy vertical ombré (hah, just realized that was punny). I used Triple Vitamin for this as well, but ditched the gel and used their top coat since I wasn’t chroming this hand.

I love you all. Stay sane peeps.


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