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Spring Has Sprung

I’m feeling so ready for outdoor time, flowers and herbs and vegetables. Before you guys picture my home as a blooming escape complete with overflowing, heavily manicured plants and a lush landscape…don’t. The most outdoorsy thing I’ve completed this year was raking the leaves when the trees got confused over the past few weeks. Having it look green like summer, but with distinctly fall-looking piles of leaves and 80 degree weather is so absurd. My kids helped rake and make piles so that we could jump in them repeatedly. We were wearing tank tops and shorts and man was that itchy.

But I digress. I don’t grow things, I kill things. If there are vines and grass and plants in the yard, it’s because they grow themselves in this lush Florida landscape. So what is a brown thumbed person destined to do when they want to feel the sweet colors of spring?

Nails, duh. I’ve been busy and have totally slacked on posting manis, but I’ve done them! My girls even enjoyed a mani treat today with Zooty’s Get Lit Glitter Dips, which are super fine shimmery glitter with a mean glow that can’t be topped. It’s perfect for little hands that want a pop of something fun and shiny, but get too bubbly with chunky glitter. The smaller the nails, the quicker they turn into chiclets! I even have my son get in on the action with Diplomatiq Aglow, a clear and natural looking dip that glows blue in the dark. No reason for only girls to have all the fun! I mean, how cute is this, though?

GLGD QT and Zephyr (blue)

As for myself, the first mani I’ll share is also Zooty and it brought all the spring vibes! With Erna Dolla foil, Mary Choppins sea foam and Dainty as the beautiful lilac backdrop…sigh. I didn’t want to ever take this one off! I got the little jewels that happened to match the foil perfectly as an extra in the Rocky Mountain dip powder sub bag this month.

As much as I didn’t want to take it off, I noticed a weird stain on my thumb nail by the cuticle, so I popped the dip off to check it out. Guys, don’t be like Melanie. If you notice that your clear is lifting, remove and start over! I knew I was doing a no-no when I glued a lifting nail down and it showed in the greenie I got as a result! There is bacteria that enjoys living in moist environments devoid of air and light. The particular one that creates a green tint on the nail when it’s not adequately prepped is called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It loves moist and warm environments and hates being exposed to sunlight and oxygen. Having any type of moisture trapped under dip can make chloronychia happen. It’s harmless if you catch it early and sterilize, can be prevented by dehydrating the nail well with 91% rubbing alcohol or other dehydrating nail prep, and by removing dip as soon as you realizing it’s starting to lift. If the nail bed is compromised in some way, it can result in a deeper set bacteria that may need antibiotics to fully treat. So just don’t be lazy *sob*

In light of the grossness that was happening on my thumb, I soaked everything off and broke a nail within 3 minutes. Not even kidding! It was time to trim anyway, even though I was wanting to try out some pointy nails before trimming. I was a little leery of how much effort it would take to shape (see laziness above), so when I had a nail break I said meh and snipped them all off. Back to shorties!

This dip is seriously another one of my all time favorites. Remember Mani Mix, when I raved about Sabrina? Well Beth has done it again! This sneaky nude is called Buttercream, and is absolutely, 100% ridiculous when it comes to color change. I failed to get a nice nude pic because I was so obsessed with it in the sunshine so sorry guys. Here’s this bathroom pic of a 6 day old mani and this comparison pic to show you everything that she can do with just-finished flakes and dry, scaly skin. I’m super fancy, y’all.

Isn’t she just amazing? From “office hours” nude to fun outside floral and a party at night too! I used only a single layer on the middle two fingers and topped with Sparkling Rose, also from Mani Mix. Ready for the purple color change when it’s not from being put under a lamp? It’s to-die-for gorgeous, and I’m not a purple person.

How FLIPPING PRETTY is that?! It’s more of a magenta than a purple, even (thanks for pointing that out, Hombré).

I have another sneaky secret in this mani too! Mani Mix came out with 2 in 1 liquids, and I absolutely adore them! They’re slow drying like Triple Vitamin, and self leveling too. And they’re an absolute bargain! I used them in two manis for myself, plus three mini manis back to back to back for my kids and the brush didn’t lock up despite being used for both base and top, and nonstop for a good hour with three bouts of activator. Sold! The one thing I can say (and Beth is aware) is that the stopper in the full size bottle is black, and started disintegrating into the liquid. As much as I hate seeing things suspended in my bottle, the little pieces didn’t get picked up on the brush at all, and they actually fell to the bottom by the next day. It’ll be fixed with the next release of liquids, but if I’m completely honest, I’d still buy a back-up bottle as is. If you’re afraid of the gamble before the issue is corrected, the mini bottles are a steal too and they don’t have the same black stopper so no floats! I seriously commend how the preorder was handled. When the issue came to light, Beth made an announcement, automatically refunded half the cost of the liquids, and made a full refund available if requested. How dang up-front is that? I just love the transparency and information sharing without waiting for the customer to say something first. THIS is why I ❤ small businesses.

So what else is there? Life is going at the speed of light but every day feels like an eternity. I considered making a perpetual margarita pitcher to help the days seem more appealing (thanks for the tip Steph 😂), but decided to start running daily sprints with the kids instead. I’m thankful for understanding bosses that offer flexibility, a big backyard, sunshine and togetherness. I’m happy that I get to hold my children and walk with them through this homeschool journey. I’m grateful for Shipt shoppers and Amazon delivery drivers and truckers that are still supplying COVID-fighting toilet paper across the nation (it’s a joke). I’m thankful for all the nurses and doctors and grocery store clerks and scientists and pharmacists that are continuing to work through the craziness. And I’m grateful to all you couch potatoes out there, doing what you do best and crushing quarantine one snack at a time. Here’s to being a homebody! 🥂


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