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Please Stop Licking the Dog

How is everyone handling the craziness that is life at the moment? The sheer absurdity of having everything feel absolutely normal and all topsy-turvy at the same time? I’m currently working my normal hours from home while watching my three hellions and homeschool starts tomorrow for my oldest as well. Yaaaayyyyy. I’m excited for him to get back to structured learning, but am I excited to be the one to provide that learning environment while simultaneously trying to keep my littlest from licking our newly acquired dog? Uh, correct. Ding ding ding, the answer is no.

Let’s talk about that dog. His name is Roman, he’s a lovable little lab/pit/mutt mix, and he was our second dog back in the day. After having two kids in a little condo, I realized that they were acting out because they weren’t given space to roam, and definitely not enough attention. I was maxed out on the energy I could give while also working. We had no back yard and no time to go to the dog park anymore. Rome went to my parents and Maxi the chiweenie found a loving home with parents of a friend I went to pharmacy school with. I miss him so terribly but knowing that he plays with their chickens and sleeps in their bed and kayaks with them in his own little life vest makes me feel that I made the right decision. It was a hella hard decision. So hard. They were my babies and I was giving them up for adoption.

So over the past few months my mom has dropped super subtle hints like “if you find someone to take Roman, don’t give them a return address” and “I can’t wait for the day when I no longer have a dog”. I decided that in light of the fact that we are the proud owners of a massive backyard, and that my third child is old enough to take scheduled Claritin or Zyrtec for her dog allergy instead of around-the-clock Benadryl, we could trial Roman back in our home where he belongs. The kids love him to death. Especially my allergic little one, who won’t stop hugging, loving and licking on him despite the hives that develop on her face.

So did I make the right decision? No idea. We’ll see once these antihistamines ramp up in her system, but for now enjoy these pictures of my kiddos in the car pretending to have somewhere to go. Self-quarantine day 11 and I can say that we are very thankful and blessed to have a big back yard, warm weather, lots of snacks and Disney+. And a big shout out to Disney+ for releasing Frozen II at the exact moment that I thought I would lose my mind. “Elsa e Anna song, into the un-no” has saved my life and dinner time on a good 5 occasions in the last week, at least.

Another big shout out to my friend Sue who gifted my kids a 12 science experiment set that they are still so dang excited about. We’re spacing it out, but so far we’ve made an optical illusion monster, an erupting volcano and some slimy worms out of two different reagents. I also bribed them by getting color coded walkie-talkies and shooing them outdoors. Only one of them knows how to hold the button down to talk. No one seems to notice that though, probably because they stand about 5 feet apart to use them. Eh, they’ll grow into it.

I have a confession.

I’ve been so out of sorts trying to navigate this crazy week of all kids all the time that I’ve been walking around with a done-up left hand a naked right. Like only clear on naked. I thought for sure I would finish one hand and then do the other the next night, but after the kids went to sleep every night I just wanted to veg out and knit to a show. Do you ever have days where you don’t feel like doing nails? Like when you know if you do them they’ll turn out absolutely terribly?

It’s not like I had a lack of pretty things to give me inspiration. Zooty came out with a new Drag collection and woooooooo is it HOT. Talk about feisty colors, lots of shine and all over fun. It makes me think of summer and warm beach days and a cold cocktail with a neon bikini. And the names are so dang cheeky! For my left hand, I used Avon Colleen (fiery hot pink with orange undertones) and Frieda Bawls (a tiny white matte circle glitter base with fun multi-colored circle confetti). The glitter didn’t ombre too well over the super pigmented pink, but I still love it. Loved it enough to keep the one hand on even though I didn’t have enough creative energy to do the other.

Remember that sweater that I was knitting on over New Year’s Eve and wrote about in this post? I haven’t devoted as much time to it as I would like, but I’m halfway through with the front piece that goes all the way from bottom right front, around neck and back down the other front piece. After that it’s just pockets! I can’t wait to show you guys. It’s already in the 80s here, but I’m going to turn the AC nice and low and wear her for days once she’s done 🙂

Anyway, I would be remiss if I didn’t end this with the following- please shelter in place and #staytheeffhome if you have the ability to do so. Do it not for fear for yourself, if you are low risk, but for respect of others who are in higher risk categories. Do it for the respect we have for our doctors and nurses who are at work every day looking at dwindling supplies to protect themselves, with a growing number of cases. And I urge you, if you have N95 or N99 masks, please donate them to the hospital! The CDC has issued guidance for bandanas or handmade cloth masks to be used for protection once these viral masks run out, and that is just foolish. Fabric does not offer protection.

I’ll leave my two favorite sites for information right here as well:
Worldometer– Coronavirus
Florida and world case tracker, updated twice daily

Stay sane, stay healthy and stay the eff home.


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