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New Top Coat, Who Dis?

You guys, so much to say and so little time! Sparkle has a new top coat that they’re testing out, have you heard of it? It’s Glossy Top Coat 2.0, and I got to try it out and I’m smitten. The first time I used it, I’m not sure if I put it on too soon after activator or if I used it too soon after getting it in the mail without letting it settle…it was super glossy, but if you looked up close there were a ton of tiny little bubbles. I’m not a quitter, though! I let it settle a week and tried again and you know what? I love it.

This new top coat seems simultaneously thinner and more controlled while also being glossier. How is that even possible? It didn’t hold onto the brush as tightly as the old version, didn’t flood the cuticle and left my nails with the thick glossy sheen of gel. I have no idea what it smells like because of the whole mask to protect from dip flu thing, but my eyes didn’t burn at all. I waited a couple extra minutes after activator to apply just in case the activator was too wet and causing the bubbles, but I can’t say for certain that it’s what made the application better. Whatever it is, I’ve found the magic formula and I’m happy.

I used the old formula on my right and the new on my left to show the difference but dang it if you can’t see it in the pictures! I should have gone for a solid one color mani to really showcase the difference, but trust me. There’s a difference. I’ve seen it two weeks in a row, even with the miniscule bubbles in the first go-around, this new top coat is better! I was wondering why they would even try out something new when their current one was so good and now I get it. The old version is now my backup, and I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for this to be released for sale. [EDIT: it’s available now! Run run run! Remember to use code Melanie15 for 15% off and if you haven’t made an order before name someone as a referral to get a $9 credit on your first purchase https://sparkleandco.com/product/new-dip-liquid-glossy-2-0-4-top-coat/ ]

Can we talk about the colors really quick, though? I wanted something that leaned towards St. Patty’s day without doing all green or green and gold. You guys know I’m not a green person. So I’m brainstorming and thinking of all the ways I can make it feel appropriate, use the green glitter I’ve been eyeing, and also make it something that I feel good with on my nails for a week. Rainbows, y’all! Leprechauns love rainbows because there’s always gold at the end of them, right? And I toyed with the idea of putting a pot of gold on my pinkies but I just love the simplicity of the simple, colorful ombré.

Yeah, I know. ROYGBV. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. And I definitely did some randomness that is not scientifically correct for the spectrum of light, but it made my heart happy so we’ll just leave it alone. I found the glitters that made my heart pitter patter, laid them out in an aesthetically pleasing way, asked opinions from friends who were absolutely no help at all because they hated the concept of all those different glitters together, and then I just DID IT. Cause why not? When it comes to nails, what’s the worst that could happen? I could not like it and remove it? I did screw up my ring and middle on my left hand and filed off and redid. Took me an extra 10 minutes and a little cursing, but my point is, just go for it. Dive in! Don’t be afraid of the new things or the colors.

I say all of this while at the same time looking back and realizing I was too much of a wuss to do tips. Well, maybe I didn’t wuss out…I just really didn’t want to spend a bunch of time applying stiletto tips and clear and then either having to live with them for a month or hating them and having to soak off much sooner than anticipated. I think I actually was more lazy than scared if I’m being completely honest. I ain’t afraid of no tips. But, like, could someone come and do them for me because I’m legit exhausted.

But enough of my hangups, wanna know what dips I used?

Pinky- Mani Mix Evergreen, the perfect green for my skintone!
Ring- Sparkle and Co Hanu-Queen on left (part of the Christmas collection and no longer available) and Zebra Do you want to build a snowman? on right. They’re almost identical aside from the chunkier glitter from Zebra.
Middle- Backfist Customs MOOD color shifting glitter (currently unavailable but there are so many other beautiful ones!)
Pointer- Zooty Simple Blend (stole the show, didn’t she? PANK!)
Thumb- Sparkle and Co Into the Fuchsia
Sheer pink- Zooty Nail Gloss (one layer only)
Clear- Invisible Zooty

Whew! I should just start doing 5 different colors + accoutrement with every mani and I might actually be able to get through my whole collection. At this point, I think at least 2/3 of my dips have never seen a nail. Halp.

TLDR; Sparkle’s new Glossy Top Coat 2.0 is fire, and I will capture a leprechaun with my shiny finger rainbows.


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