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Just UGH. Lemons, meet Lemonade.

My cuticle lines have been trash lately, and I’ve killed two top coats in the span of a week. My Triple Vitamin went first, but I’ve been using it since early December so honestly that’s not that big a deal. It was really low anyway and turned into a stringy mess. I moved on to my Sparkle & Co top coat and it got all goopy and bubbled too! And I was flooding my cuticles like crazy. You guys, I’m convinced that my emotional stress has now bled into physical manifestation through dipping. Yeah, I know I’m a hippie but here we are. Bad attitude, bad outcome, right?

Anyway, I kind of fixed it. I used the metal file trick around the cuticles and oiled up. I’ve been picking at my cuticles a lot too (bad! stop!), so they’re pretty janky. You’re welcome for using cuticle oil before pictures.

You guys remember Diplomatiq Nails, right? She’s one of my faves, and I’m exciting to be using DiQ powders today! I couldn’t decide between the seafoam colors or pink, so I did both! Of course, pink wins hands down. For those of you that have been around a while, I checked and the hamsters are still in their cages. I know they only escape on mismatch mani days, but they apparently haven’t gotten the memo. I’ll hide one hand behind my back when I feed them tonight.

On my left, I wore Geode dreams on pointer and middle, and Idaho Springs on all other fingers. I guess I expected Geode to be more in your face than it was. It’s a white coated silver foil nestled in an sheer aqua dip, and the white actually brushes off a bit when you use a stiff brush to show some of the silver. It’s super pretty and a lot more subtle than I expected. Idaho Springs (literally whenever I say Idaho I see the word and a russet potato in my head) is a gorgeously fine dip with subtle shimmer that catches the light just so. In low light she looks almost like a flat and not flashy at all. For a completely seafoam looking manicure, she sure is subtle!

On my right, which is all kinds of different lengths (accidents happen), I used New Year New Courtney and topped my pointer and middle with Metallic Taffy. Pro tip: tap the side of the container to get the foils to rise up to the top, then lay your nail flat for the best coverage. I had been drooling over New Year New Courtney (NYNC) ever since I missed it on the first release. To say I snatched it up the minute it was re-released is not an exaggeration. I’m so glad I did!! If there ever was a pink to rival the infamously out of stock Blush Crueller, THIS IS IT. NYNC is a little on the sheer side and did buff a little splotchy for me, which may have been due to the very thin application. I just buffed down to a smooth surface and did one final dip and then didn’t touch it again.

This pink mani is giving me all the feels. You know when you wear a color and immediately you take a deep sigh of relief, like you feel relaxed and totally at peace? It doesn’t happen often, but pinks and nudes just make my mental space feel so uncluttered. If I were to walk into a perfectly spotless and clean house with dinner simmering in the crockpot, I would feel the exact same way. The difference is that pink manis are easy, but no magical fairies are going to come in and clean and cook for me while I’m out working. Boo.

So, since everyone is talking about it, let’s touch on it too. Coronavirus. COVID-19. My sunshiney state of Florida has issued an emergency declaration today in response to two presumptive cases of the virus in two different counties. People are freaking out, but I happen to think this was entirely premature. Honestly, though, states declare emergency declarations left and right all willy nilly for something as little as a windstorm and possibility of flood to hurricanes and earthquakes. To put it in perspective, since September there have been at least 24 emergency declarations nationwide. That’s 4 emergency declarations per month, and society has yet to fall.

Also, since I find it fascinating- let’s look at the virus itself. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around from people looking at the back of the Lysol bottle and saying “the government knew about this coronavirus, it’s not new! Look, it says coronavirus on the back of this bottle!”. Coronavirus is not new. It is a type of virus. There have been at least two other prevalent coronaviruses, one of which is SARS. Remember SARS? We were all going to die of SARS at one point, but look at that- we lived to all die of COVID-19 instead. Are you catching my sarcasm?

The death rate on SARS was much worse than what we’re seeing with this current coronavirus. It was transmitted from a live market that housed bats in China, and now is making its way through person to person transmission. It’s similar to the flu in that it causes cold-like symptoms and fever that can vary from mild to extreme. In the later stages of worse cases, it can cause a viral pneumonia, which is the component that is worrisome. The flu also causes pneumonia, but normally a susceptibility to bacterial pneumonia.

The differences between the flu and COVID-19 are in the population it affects and the duration of fever. Coronavirus has been seen to have a fever that extends as long as two weeks, while the flu tends to resolve within 3-7 days. Also, while the flu tends to hit children and young adults the most, COVID-19 is predominantly knocking out those over the age of about 60 years old. As always, the best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands frequently, stay away from large gatherings or unnecessary travel, and stay away from sick people. If you’re sick, stay home. This is common sense, people. Also, because some people are going crazy for them- the masks need to be used properly to be effective. If you want a mask, you’ll need an N95 or N99, you’ll need to sanitize before putting it on, don’t touch the inside, and make sure that it fits securely without transferring any air around the outside of the mask. Fabric masks can accumulate moisture and germs and are not recommended.

Overall, I think we as a society will get through this fairly well, just like we get through flu season every year. It’s important to stay vigilant for those that have a weakened immune system, but don’t panic. For those that dig this kind of thing, there are a ton of drugs that have shown to be promising for treatment, and there are vaccines on the way. Treatment will come sooner than vaccinations, but for all of you that are freaking out, I don’t want to hear a thing when that vaccine comes out and you refuse to get it because of autism. NOT A DARN THING, KAREN.

If I’m going out, I’m going out with pretty nails and Jesus. See you on the flip side homies.


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