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Nail Addiption meets Nail Dipaholic

Hey y’all! It’s been a bit. Life changed recently and I haven’t really had any time this past week for much besides work, sleep, meals and kid stuff. My goal every night was to be in bed by 10 and up early and I did it! But man, I am not a morning person. I do my best thinking at night, I love the solitude of nighttime darkness, and I missed sitting and knitting while watching a show before bed. Walking into work at 7:30 is like a bit of torture, but leaving earlier is nice. I don’t really want to talk to anyone before 10 so I have to be crafty with avoidance.

Random question, but my friend and I were talking about Botox and how great it can make some people look. I had a friend I worked with and hadn’t seen in months, so when I saw her again and she looked phenomenal I HAD TO say something. “Omg hi X, you look amazing and so rested! You must be doing so great!” Her response? “Oh, THANK YOU! I actually just got Botox on my forehead and I’m still stressed.”

Who wouldn’t want to look less stressed? I for one wouldn’t mind slowing down the clock on my forehead, between my eyebrows and around my mouth. I will say I think crow’s feet are adorable and they show people you love to laugh, so I’d probably keep those. I was completely triggered while watching Schitt’s Creek last week, when one of the characters compared getting vaccines to having Botox and she said “Eww, what am I, 32?!”.

I’m 32. Guess that means it’s time to start searching for a good plastic surgeon that won’t turn me into the cat lady. Have you guys gotten it done? Any regrets? Are you thinking about it too?

One cool thing that happened this week was to get a package from Nail Addiption! If you know me at all, you know I love pink the most so you also knew I was full of it in my last post when I said I was taking a pink break. [And we’re laughing!] I got Shooting Star and Lovely because I thought they would look amazing together and they do! How pretty are these? It’s a little difficult to photograph the full effect of the silver holo shapes without darkening the dip but dang it’s beautiful. I tried it ombréd on a swatch and thought a vertical ombré might show off the uniqueness of the dip.

Shooting Star was so richly pigmented that I was able to do only one dip on my middle and have full coverage. Isn’t that crazy?! I loved the way it looked immediately so I just did one layer of clear over top and left it. For Lovely, I used two layers on all of my fingers, filed to smooth (it does need a filing, but it’s not a difficult dip and it’s full coverage as well) and then used an eyeshadow brush to tap Shooting Star on my ring and pointer. I used a layer of base on top of those two fingers after pressing the glitter pieces down well, since using a layer of clear on top would have made it entirely too chunky. I can feel just the slightest bit of texture after my top coat, but nothing concerning. For a chunky dip, it really lays pretty darn flat all on its own! For anyone having a hard time, you can check out my post here on how to deal with chunky glitters.

Nail Addiption is one of those small, independently women-owned businesses that I’m so in love with. While we’re on the topic, we should probably also talk about the email I received from trainwreck Rossi earlier today. They’re having a hell of a time getting their act together, and they actually stated in email to their entire customer base that people shouldn’t request refunds for things they haven’t received because if they do, they’ll have to fire half of their warehouse staff. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I was approached months back, like half of instagram, to become an ambassador with them. I decided to give them a try and was sent a starter kit, but have yet to use it because I’m so leery of large faceless corporations. A week after receiving the package, I got an email stating that my package was delayed and they were so sorry. I was highly confused. Turns out, they need to get their act together something fierce! I wanted to put this here so that anyone reading would know to steer clear. There are horror stories left and right of people not only not receiving their order for months, but some not receiving it at all and getting no response from customer service after multiple attempts. Not only will you not have these issues with small businesses, you can reach right out to these owners and talk to them if you need help. Your order matters to them much more than it would or could ever matter to a large company like Rossi.

If you want to make an order that matters and also save money (I’m all about coupons!), you can use code Melanie10 at Nail Addiption for 10% off your order. You’ll help a budding company gain some traction while also patting yourself on the back for your money managing skills.


P.S. I did have a non-pink mani in between my pinks so I guess I’m not completely full of it. I used Zooty Mary Choppins and Tara Nippleoff (how clever are these Derby Girl names?!), and I’m totally feeling the bright colors and blue-greens lately! Proof below.

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