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Put. On. Your. Big. Girl. Pants.

Today, I want to go outside the norm. I’m going to stand up on this soapbox that I built out of love and obsession and deal with something that has really made me bristle this weekend.

If you say something, own it. If you regret it, own it. If you crossed a line and you know it, don’t run full speed and hope no one chases you. Put that toe back behind it and apologize. If you’re going to go hard, make sure you’re telling the truth. And don’t lie about something you’ve written because chances are people have receipts.

Put. On. Your. Big. Girl. Pants.

I literally teach this to my children every single day, so it shouldn’t be a hard concept for some grown women to understand. In addition, I would hope that everyone strive to be genuine and truthful. Yes, I know that sometimes the truth makes you feel like an idiot. I did the same thing just the other day. I tried to apologize. I even made a self-deprecating joke about me talking about something I know nothing about. I got blocked. Do I feel bad about it? Nope. I owned my ignorance and apologized and that was her prerogative to do as she saw fit. Did I feel like a blaring idiot? You betcha. That sting will fade in time.

I’m going to say something that maybe your mamas didn’t ever teach you. If you have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, you’re probably making the wrong choice. If you’re not sure, phone a friend. A good friend, the friend that has a circle of real friends around her because she’s genuine. The friend that will tell you that those pants do, in fact, make your butt look fat but that’s ok because fat butts are in.

The nail world is catty and vicious and I just truly don’t understand it. I didn’t buy into the hype when I was in high school, I am sure not going to do so now. I will never sacrifice my truth and soul for the sake of climbing a ladder and getting any amount of free stuff. I’d rather be happy and dippy dip broke if that means I can sleep peacefully at night. Furthermore, how do you even trust someone to appropriately and honestly review something if you can’t trust their word? If their allegiance lies wherever the benefit to them is. And I’m going on a tangent here, but stay with me. I’ve almost fizzled out.

Truth is important. Never leave breadcrumbs behind online that you don’t want found. I’m not the type of person to start things just to start them, but when I see falsities blaring, I will correct them. And I’ll correct them with the receipts rather than engaging in a tit for tat.

And lastly, if you’re my friend and I ever tell you that I disagree with you on something, or I call you out…know that I still love you. Know that I’m not attacking or trying to hurt your feelings, but I’m that friend. I’ve surrounded myself with the same and boy do I know the flush in my cheeks when someone serves me a crap sandwich, but I appreciate you all more than I can ever say. You know who you are. The women who have my back and would never think to put a knife in it. The ones who know the secrets and the pain, the daily struggles and the triumphs. I couldn’t make it without you lovely ladies, and I wouldn’t want to.


15 thoughts on “Put. On. Your. Big. Girl. Pants.

  1. Yaaaas girl!!!
    You are that friend to me & I’m beyond grateful!
    This world needs less catty cowards & more sincere supporters!


  2. Wow!! That was deep, appreciate the thought provoking, stand on the soapbox post. Now to go find my big girl pants..I am sure I left them around here somewhere.


      1. ROTFL – I had pants on..but I do not think they were my big girl pants. I think I was wearing someone else’s and it’s time to get mine back. I do not like the way these are fitting.

        Was I looking for a phone?? (grins)


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