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Hamster Saga Take 2

I’m not sure who all was around for the first part of this hamster tale (spoiler- the juicy stuff is in the comments), but Harry and Moana are at it again! These little pygmy things are by far the absolute worst furry pets you could find. Want a pet that looks so wonderfully fluffy and squishy and cute but simultaneously never be able to hold it or look at it in daylight? Enter- the dwarf hamster.

The cages were being cleaned yesterday so Harry (I think it was the grumpier one, but it’s hard to tell them apart really) was in a little ball just rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ (what). I was doing my thing making some epic chicken and wild rice soup with bone broth just minding my own business when I realized there was the ball…well part of it, opened, just sitting there in the middle of the kitchen.

I asked my devilish little third child if she had opened the ball and let the hamster out and she looked at me like I was the dumbest person she’d ever encountered, lowered her eyebrows and said “YESSSS!”. Like duh, why wouldn’t I let him out? I can’t even be mad because I wouldn’t want to be caged and apparently neither would E. This girl has the sass of 50 cheerleaders, I tell ya. She threw a babydoll in my lap today and yelled at me to “be nice!!” until I started rubbing the doll’s head. She then spent the next five minutes eyeing me very suspiciously from her post at the lunch table. One wrong move and I was going to get yelled at again.

So there I was, just having taken the kids to bed and back downstairs with the excuse of cleaning. We all know I went for a snack. Did I clean? No. Did I get a snack? You bet. I stopped in my tracks when I heard a rustling sound under the fridge. Harry! So I’m there, sitting on the floor eating my contraband pizza rolls cause *gasp* those aren’t a part of my healthy kick, listening for the rustling and shining my phone light under the fridge so I could see what was going on. I could hear him plain as day, but he must have been hiding somewhere because I couldn’t see him.

And then I hear it again. BEHIND ME. Did this little speed demon somehow manage to circumvent my entire body covering up all possible exits and make it back to the itty bitty opening above the sink baseboard? I spun around and saw nothing but stuck my ear up to the spot and you bet your sweet underpants that little hamster was right under that sink. Across the kitchen from the fridge. The fridge that was now making that suspicious rustling sound again.

THEY WERE BOTH OUT. Moana escaped his home, and Harry was released. And before you ask, the kids named them and they don’t care that Moana is outwardly male. I can hear them nibbling and I swear if one of these little rodents nibbles the fridge cords it’s going to be bye bye pest, watch out for the whoooo whoooo birds that come at night because your new home is under the stars. They’re basically feral anyway, right?

But without further ado, here are nails. It’s funny that the last escape happened on a mismatch mani day too, which I NEVER do. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me that my hands are made for matching or something. Who am I to deny superstition? Consider me little miss matchy match from now on!

On my left hand I used powders from Zebra Glitter and Nails. I used Fairytale Ice on my middles, and the navy Naughty or Nice on thumb, pointer and pinky with a sprinkle of glitter falling from the cuticles. These were both so amazingly fine and didn’t need any clear or even base on top to keep it smooth! Middles were two coats of glitter, and the rest were two coats of blue with a sprinkle of glitter at the end using the eyeshadow brush technique. If you aren’t familiar with that, you essentially put a layer of base on your nail, stick an eyeshadow brush into the glitter and (with finger angled down so free edge is pointing to the ground), you hover the brush over the cuticle and tap tap tap. The glitter should fall in a way that looks natural. You can control how little or how much you do, but I went all out this time! Blue isn’t my favorite on my skin, so I wanted the distraction of the pretty rose gold and silver holo. It’s working.

My right (dominant hand, so it’s never quite as clean) was done in all Zooty powders. I wanted to go a little classy basic, a little bling so I did a classic French on all but that party nail that’s sporting Bar Fly. For the French, I used Soplar which happens to be the perfect pure white shimmer, but not one that looks like you wrote on yourself with White-Out. I dipped straight into the jar and moved my finger slightly from side to side to get the smile line, then tapped with finger pointing straight down (to avoid getting white everywhere), and sprinkled Nail Gloss on the rest of the nail with an eyeshadow brush. Who knew makeup brushes would be so useful for nails? I will say that my lines are not as smooth as I can get them when I use one of those trays specifically for smile lines, but it’s not bad if you’re not looking way too close.

Can we look at this side by side, though? Do you notice anything? I broke a rule!!! My smile lines are definitely NOT curved enough and can you see how much bulkier and wider my nails look on my right hand than my left? This is how I always used to get my nails done when I went to a salon and I truly just didn’t know better. Hella curve your lines, ladies!! Or just go for a solid color for a slimming effect. These hands are both the same thickness, width and length but they don’t look it! Also forgot to mention, but I’ve been using TV and my 3M mask for over a month now and I do love it. They seem to last decently without lifting, they have great shine for a dip liquid, and I never ever get spider cracks. They’re also top for glitter and let everything melt right in and settle. I do recommend them, but I would order again straight from the company rather than go the Amazon route that a lot of people say result in subpar liquids. Oops. Super fast shipping to get some spider cracks though.

Someone send some hamster catching mojo. I’m gonna need it x2.


4 thoughts on “Hamster Saga Take 2

    1. Well I happen to have a picture from a few months ago when husband decided to do a photo shoot with wee little mouse cousin. Not sure how he got him back in the cage and your guess is as good as mine as to which one it is. Look up there 👆🏼


  1. absolutely too funny!! you have more patience and persistence than I! I love your nails. You are on the right track. They scream you!

    we are gonna need to do something with the little escapees and their accomplice.. (grins)


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