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Dream Dips and the Almost-Ombré

Does anyone else have one kid that is just never satisfied no matter what? I could go up to my oldest and say “Pack your bags, we’re skipping school and going to Disney for the week!” and he would come back with a whiney “Awww but I don’t want to pack my bags, I want you to do it and I don’t want to go for one week, I want to go for TWO!”

I can’t, y’all. I just can’t. Is this a first born thing, a boy thing or just a selfish, spoiled child thing? My middle is so simple and easy to please and she says thank you about the most random things. She’s like me- never expect a thing, be happy with whatever your receive, punch another kid in the face if they interrupt your leisure. This 5 year old is driving me nuts though. We had a fun night with pizza and games and Frozen and hot chocolate, with the marshmallows on top and he asked for about a million other things. I eventually just packed it all up and said nope time for bed. He quipped with “I don’t want to go to bed I want to do these lego builders and I want you to do them with me so I’ll wake you up super early in the morning when I wake up and we can do them”. I think I sobbed. I told him to ask Alexa what time it was and if it was before 9 he wasn’t allowed to wake me. I think that might buy me until 8 at least. My middle kid likes to sleep in, she is the other pea in my pod. He said he would wake her up too and she looked at him like he grew a second head and said “No, no you won’t. Don’t wake me up”. Atta girl.

As you can see with my attempt tonight, I am trying to make good on my resolution to spend more uninterrupted time with family, free of electronics (minus watching Frozen, it was the first time we turned the TV on today, and it was a party for crying out loud). I never said whether or not I would do it without assistance, so send wine. I beg of you. At least my nails are calm and serene and pretty, right?


I got these beautiful pink babies from Dream Dips, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to wear first. PANK. The company itself is super new and her Facebook group came live just a few months ago and already has a decent following. I can see why! These specific dips come from the Puppy Love collection dropping 1/14 on her Etsy shop. I swatched to decide what to use and that just confused me even more. Here you can see, from left to right:
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Hubba Hubba

They’re all three so beautiful that I thought if I mixed them half and half with the next close color, I could do a subtle ombré where every nail was just a shade different from the others. I didn’t swatch my mixes. Don’t go on assumption you guys, swatch your stuff before you dive in! A + B does not always = C when one dip is more highly pigmented than the other, and the difference between my middle and ring are almost nonexistent! I tried to correct it on my right hand and failed in the other direction. You can tell that my pinky is more cool toned than the others, but it’s a very similar shade (whoops). It gets even more funny when my fingers are warm, since this gorgeous watermelon dip He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not turns the most beautiful shade of light pink. It’s so responsive that even the mixed dip turned colors really easily! It wasn’t dense or sandy like I was expecting from most color changers, and was actually pretty fluffy! I did give it a good shake before dipping, like I do with every jar. Shake your dips, ladies! And gentlemen, or whatever your preferred term is. I don’t discriminate on pretty nails.

In fact, all three of these dips were fine and fell into place. I used TV for this manicure, while looking like Darth Vader of course. Breathing safety first! I had to do a light buff on the color changer, which is normal, but the other two didn’t need any buffing at all. You can see that He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not is as flat as flat can be, kind of a pinker, flat version of Revel Pinwheel that I love! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and I’m pretty sure I’ll grab this dip for that occasion. The cold is fun but also a little more dramatic and sultry, and the warm is pretty and flirty.

Cupid and Hubba Hubba are intense shimmers. Although they are somewhat close, you can find differences in their tones. Cupid is warm toned pink that I would consider more nude. I think it would pull a little less peachy pink and more on the tan side for fairer skin tones. Hubba Hubba is the sweet, soft bubblegum cool toned pink that so many adore. It’s just a slight smidge darker than the color changer in its warmest shade, and slightly translucent.

So anyway, here’s my almost-ombré in its various forms, warm, cold, transitioning, artificial light and direct sun so you can see all facets. I seriously think they are all so dang pretty and wonderful assets to my pink collection. And she even threw in some gorgeous straight glitter (not pictured). How sweet was that? Thanks, Michelle- it was a Dream working with Dream Dips. *Dad joke initiated*. No but seriously, I was pleasantly surprised! I can’t wait to see what comes in the future and the solids and fine glitters on the site are gorgeous! If some chunkies get added it’ll be a one stop shop, and I’ll need to add another swatch ring to my collection. I know I left that flying money emoji here somewhere. You get it.

Till next time, lovelies.


P.S. You know that yarn I was holding in my last post? There’s a sneak peek of the fabric up there in my slightly different right hand. I’m making the Pure Comfort Cardigan with that gorgeous KnitCrate yarn. The pattern is free if you want to check it out too! Not a complicated knit and it’s done all in one piece for the body, then you pick up stitches for the ribbing and sleeves. Super cute!

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