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New Beginnings

Do you smell that? Ahhhhh the wonderful smell of starting fresh, cleaning the slate and ridding myself of extra baggage. I’ve always been a sucker for new beginnings even though yes, Karen, we know we could have started months ago so shove it.

All the new starts have always made me giddy with excitement. First day of school. The smell of new notebooks and wearing crisp new clothes. Those years have been behind me for quite some time but I can’t help but get excited at the prospect for my kids now. I hoard pens and markers like it’s my job and I guess as a mom it kind of is. But these are mine. Hands off turdlers!

New Year’s Eve holds a special type of new start, though. I’ve never been a superstitious person, or bought into the hype that the way you bring in the new year is the way you’ll see it through. I wouldn’t be disappointed, though. What you see here is it for me- a glass of wine, yoga pants and pretty pink sweater knitting will see me through into 2020. I guess my love of planners, notebooks and paper everything sort of spills over into the new year as well, because the ability to turn the page and change the number just makes everything feel so crisp and clean, like anything is possible. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Are you the life of the party or more of an order pizza and watch the ball drop person? Or maybe you just call it another day and *gasp* don’t even stay up till midnight?!

I’ll be setting the clocks back, pouring out some virgin sparkling cider and blowing on some kazoos with Netflix countdowns for the little ones. Do you guys know about those? They’ve been our saving grace for the last few years! Seriously, just celebrate the countdown a few times and pack them on to bed and voila- they go to bed at a decent hour but still feel like they participated in the turn of the decade.

But moving on to the reason you’re here, I’m sure. This day always feels like sexy glitz and glamour, then calm, cool and collected the minute the clock strikes midnight. I used peel base over clear to make this mani practically disposable, but I sort of love it. It has everything I need- dark and brooding, shiny, a little over the top but all tied together. I used Zebra Golden Princess as the nude anchor for my left hand, with a two fingered accent of This is Halloween. The opposite happened with my right.

Can we talk about these dips? They were seriously light and fluffy and unexpected. The pinky nude went on so easy with amazing translucent coverage and the foil from both melted into the dip. The black dip is so different in that it’s not powder, it’s glitter! Just fine black glitter with clear powder and these beautiful flakes. I had been planning on using the two together the moment I saw the swatches and realized their flakes were the exact same deep orangey-gold. If you use these, you can buff Golden Princess until the cows come home, but don’t do the same to This is Halloween. The glitter is super fine but will silver when filed, which means you’ll end up with silver competing with your gold and I’m just not really a fan of mixing metals. 😉

Of course I had to go over the top and stamp though…right? I was excited to get these stamping plates in the holiday set from Maniology but my oh my, my left hand gave me a run for my money. I stamped, removed, stamped, removed and finally stamped and kept it. I’m just thankful that I had that mani mask to protect my skin from the ultra staining Born Pretty black polish. That stuff is a nightmare to get completely clean! It stamps so well but if you don’t get it in one go, you’ll wish you just hadn’t. As always, I do all my dip steps including my top coat so I can get mistakes off without a hitch using nail polish remover or super brief swipes of acetone. I topped with smudge-free top coat and after that dried used a layer of Essie Gel Setter regular nail polish top coat for extra shine without any of the hassle. It normally lasts about a week before starting to peel, which is perfect for me. Remember to use code Melanie10 on the Maniology site if you want to try your hand at stamping. I’m no expert, but it’s a fun way to transform a manicure and make it all tie in together.

So tell me your plans so I can live vicariously through you *cough* Ashlynn *cough*. And what about your plans to make 2020 your best year yet? I want to try to be more intentional with family time, setting aside electronics and really sticking to our family game nights. And somehow I’d love to work in a few minutes a day for the thing that soothes the soul and stretches the muscles- yoga. Maybe I’ll just cover all my bases and throw some yoga in with my knitting tonight to really put my best foot forward. Have you guys heard of Yoga with Adriene? She’s fab, and free. Join me on a 30 day challenge? You’re welcome.

Oh and if you’re a yarn crafter too and haven’t given KnitCrate a try…that’s just sad. This is where I found the beautiful yarn in these pictures, and it’s shaping up to be my favorite yarn and color ever. I got sucked in with $5 for my first box, and you can stay active but take “vacations” so you can order yarn with discounts even if you don’t like the preview for the next month. Try it out! This one is a blend of merino wool, baby alpaca and organic cotton. My fingers are so happy.

See you beautiful people next year!


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    1. Thank you 😭 Yassss, it’s yarn! It was the prettiest squishy thing I had nearby and I was planning on knitting it up while I counted down to 2020 so it made sense in my head. Wasn’t sure if it would make sense to anyone else though lol!


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