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Spotlight- Mani Mix + Working With Chunky Glitter

I had the privilege of trying out a new small company this week and I am SO GLAD I did. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect light colored nude and *sob* I finally found it. I’m always a little apprehensive when I see a new company pop up because it can be a gamble. You never know if you’ll get good bang for your buck, if the powders will be nice to work with or if the colors will be consistent. Mani Mix Nails is such a good bet, y’all!

I got nudes and pinks, but all of her colors are fantastic too! From left to right are Rose Gold Rich, Prettier in Pink, Sabrina (🤤) and Sugar Rush. All but the chunky glitter absolutely melted into the base and were completely smooth with no need to buff. I’d link to each powder for sale but Beth is spending some well deserved time away from filling orders until Sunday, the 29th. BUT consider it a win because when she comes back she’s doing 10% off sitewide! I know I’ll be hopping on that day and filling my cart with all the pretties and some more of this gorgeous Sabrina. For now, you can find some inspiration pictures on her Facebook group.

For this mani, I couldn’t decide between the two pretty rose glitters, fine or chunky…so I used both! To be honest I was a little surprised at just how fine Rose Gold Rich was. It melted immediately into the base and was even finer and loftier than the flat. I did one base layer on both ring and middle, and then dipped into Prettier in Pink on ring, and sprinkled some around cuticle on middle. One note on Sabrina- while I love love love the color, like LEGIT LOVE, it looks like it’s made with some pearlescent mica pigments and I can’t for the life of me get that pearl sheen to either be completely even or nonexistent. It’s not a big deal unless you like to examine your nails under the microscope like me and BONUS it can chrome to a pearl sheen so that’s a good two in one dip. I just wanted to warn any nit-picky flat lovers out there, because this one isn’t 100% flat. When I look at it up close it’s almost like a sweet pearly whip swirl on top of my peachy pink milkshake. Yum. Also, I’m super down for a strawberry shake if anyone is buying.

Psssst. Notice anything different here? Nothing makes you feel quite like new person like chopping down to shorties. I love some crisply shaped nubbins, and typing with these bad boys is unreal! My fingers are only hitting the letters they’re supposed to, and that backspace is getting so much less love today. Hello 2020, it’s nice to see you here. I’m ready for you to get 2019 out of sight and whisk me away with these new beginning nails.

Now on to a few tips! I had a dear friend tell me she was deathly afraid of using chunky glitters but why girlfriend?! Chunks are hot! I can’t get enough of the high mirror sheen that are holographic chunks, the dramatic flair of super crazy flakes, the disco ball on my ring finger, if you will. I want you to love them too!

Pick the Right Liquids
For chunky glitters, you’ll need to bide yourself time to manipulate the pieces for the best result. For this, Triple Vitamin is king. It gives you a good, decently long dry time for the base and lets you move things around at will. I also find Sparkle to be a little on the longer dry time, so that’s also a good option. Warning- anything quick dry like Panda or any base that has been somewhat contaminated may not be a good bet. I love a decent quick dry for regular dipping so you don’t stick fingers together when you get a little sloppy or aren’t completely careful, but this isn’t the place for that. I also wouldn’t use your top coat in lieu of base here- top coat doesn’t allow for extra time like base would (although it’s a great trick in a pinch!).

Gather Your Tools
You may not need extras on every glitter nail you attempt, but it’s good practice to have them around just in case.
eyeshadow brush
orange stick, dotting tool or cuticle pusher (pointy end)
plastic baggie or finger cots (regular or reusable silicone)
crystal clear dip like Invisible Zooty or some recommend Sparkle’s new formula (use non-affiliate code Melanie15 for 15% off)

Plan Your Attack
With chunkies, you can either sprinkle on like an ombre at the cuticle or the tip, you can sprinkle the entire nail, or you can dip the nail like normal. You can also layer over a solid color, or you can do multiple layers of glitter for a more intense look. What’s your move? I did both, but the plan is the same:

  1. Take your jar and shimmy it side to side to move the glitter to the top. This will give you the most control when dipping and take care of the problem of having spots with only clear and no glitter.
  2. For dipping, don’t stick your finger directly in the jar. We went through the trouble of moving all the chunks to the top, so take advantage! Place an even but thin layer of base all over the nail and lay it flat on top of the glitter.
  3. If you’d rather sprinkle, place your finger over the jar’s lid, pick up some glitter on your eyeshadow brush and tap however your heart desires. To do an ombré that looks like it’s falling, you need to hold your nail at an angle so that the glitter can literally fall. For instance, I put the tip of my nail facing down and sprinkled the glitter right above the cuticle line.
  4. Working quickly, use your plastic baggie, finger cot or (YOLO) bare finger to gently tap tap tap any glitter that is sticking up. You’ll also want to take this time to move any glitter that’s jumped ship past your cuticle line by pushing gently with a pointy tool.
  5. Assess your situation. Once the base is dry, how lumpy are you? If the glitter is laying down and mostly smooth, apply a layer of base over the top and call it a day. If you have any pieces that are discernibly bumpy, do a dip of clear over the top. For the love of all things good in the world, make sure it’s crystal clear and use a good stiff brush (even a toothbrush) to get all the excess off or you’ll dull the shine on your glitter and what is the MFing point of that, y’all?!
  6. DON’T BUFF! I REPEAT, DO NOT BUFF!!! Unless you did a layer of clear dip over the top, throw your file to the side because most glitter will silver and completely change the vibe if you file it directly. The caveat to this is found in flaky dips. Flakes love files and will just morph into something more organic and beautiful. If you’re not sure, do it on a swatch before you ruin all your hard work.
  7. Activate, wait, top coat. Try not to blind yourself while driving.

That’s it guys! It seems intimidating when you’re new to chunkies or if you just aren’t completely sure how to work with them because they really do work differently than regular dip powder. I also think that each glitter has its own calling card, and will tell you how to treat it. Take the time to do a swatch beforehand so you can see how thin/thick the glitter covering is. Knowledge is power and with knowledge comes success. Is that from, like, Reading Rainbow or something?

Love you guys! Till next time.


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