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The Safe Word is Pink

Do you have a go-to color or color family? When you’re stressed, upset, over all the noise or just colored out, do you reach for anything in particular? This week has been hard for me, but at the same time I felt pressure to really dive into the Christmas manis before I ran out of time. I just couldn’t, not the past couple weeks.

My safe word is pink. Simple muted pink or nudes. If I wear blue, I need a pink rinse immediately after or I am unhappy with whatever mani I do. I know, it doesn’t really make sense but stay with me here. Pink is clearly the best color ever created and I don’t want to hear another word about it. I have declared it to be true.

And yes, I figured that you came here not really sure what kind of crude imaging you’d find but sorry to disappoint you. We’re keeping it strictly business and strictly nails today 😉 First up is Revel Hush and some Southern Glitter Shine loose rose gold glitter, Aurora. The glitter was gifted by my secret santa, Carole Zullo. Isn’t it beautiful, and isn’t she just so kind? And yes, I realize that Hush might look brown on some people but lighting, skintone, maybe even the formulation that Revel used. Who knows. Find your own pink, this one’s mine! I will say it tends to look especially great on a medium-tan skin tone, and not so great on very fair skin. Buy at your own risk.

Next up, is another fairly nude mani that helped me feel a little at peace while still bringing in the Christmas spirit. Baby steps. I used Zooty Nail Gloss (obsessed is an understatement) and the new Get Lit Glitter Dip in Icon (not yet released) for a pretty wintery ombré. For this, I used an eyeshadow brush while holding my finger at an angle (tip to the sky) and gently tapped the glitter on to make it look like it was falling. I tilted the tip down, tapped off excess and then covered the rest with nail gloss with a second eyeshadow brush. I did record a video a few weeks back to show my technique but I haven’t edited it yet. Sorry. So much sorry. Life is crazy and I’m trying my best but *meh*.

Anyway, so I had my pink refresh, my tiptoe into Christmas and then BAM. Here we are with a veritable smorgasbord of Christmas flavors! I used Zooty 700C on thumb, pointer and pinky, It’s a Major Award! on middle and Pantophobia on ring with some striping tape added for flair. If anyone knows an easy way to use nail striping tape I’m all ears because the only thing you would have heard as a fly on the wall would have been “$%&#@%$ &%^$% $%# $#$ #$#@!!”. I ended up using it on a dry nail after activator and keeping lots of length to anchor onto my skin. I pushed it in place with an orange stick, prayed and applied my first layer of top coat very gently. Before the second coat, I snipped with nail nippers (is that even what they’re called?) and am still so surprised that it worked. My first attempt of putting it on wet base did NOT go well.

I love that Pantophobia looks like crushed candy canes and my middle is 100% a dead ringer for a Christmas tree with multicolored lights. 700C is supposed to pull in Heat Miser, for all you Christmas fiends out there. Now if only I could finish wrapping, baking, cleaning and organizing enough for my life to look as Christmas-y as my nails.

But first let me do the laundry and prepare myself for a day with sick kids. My little one’s second birthday is Sunday and if they’re not better by then it’ll have to be just us celebrating. If you’re the praying type, I could use one right now!


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