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Zebra Review- Colors from A to Z

Do you ever move away from something without really thinking about it, and when you’re reminded of it you wonder really hard about why it happened? Enter- Zebra Glitter and Nails. I always refer to Bridgette, the mastermind, as the glitter boss! She’s honestly so much more than that. Her site boasts over 700 colors (and counting!), and the initial option for products on the site gives you 157 pages to wade through. I will say, you can go to the most popular dips for an abridged version, but be ready to spend some time there. That’s even over 40 pages of dips!

Top to bottom:
NBC3- This is Halloween
NSB8- Naughty or Nice
DP892- Lauren
AHS3- Coven: Misty Days
NSB9- Christmas Daze
RH3- Columbia
SMM2- Passionate
DP922- Up for the Party
DP884- Unicorn Kisses
NMM3- Golden Princess
DP948- Pink Pearls
NMM2- Fairytale Ice

All of the flats were really easy to use, super fluffy and had good pigmentation. The glitters pretty much fell into place and didn’t require much, if any, manipulation. Unicorn kisses (the bright pink) is a brilliant color changer that goes from peachy-pink to the bubblegum you see, has gold/bronze flakes AND glows (a light pink I think).

For my first mani combination I chose Passionate and Up For the Party, and I wasn’t at all disappointed. The color really pops! Passionate has almost a jelly tone to it, and it lets a lot of light through for dimension. One layer was sheer but two layers were pigmented enough to not show through unless you put your nail up to a light. I sprinkled the glitter on the vertical ombré nails, but laid flat on the glitter-only accent, and gave both a pat down and didn’t need clear. I love that the glitter has some holographic green in it so it’s almost bringing on a Christmas vibe, but in the most subtle way! Before you ask- no, I’m not afraid of my cuticles. I was lazy and didn’t feel like setting up my craft light and it shows. Lighting is important y’all!

The only thing I noticed that made me pause was that the beautiful seafoam color, Lauren, had a single speck of what looked like pigment on the swatch. I honestly don’t know if it was pigment or a glitter piece since I was batch-swatching (whoops!), but I’ll update after I use it. The others were all uniform without any random pigment so I honestly wonder if it was user error. Funny story about Lauren- that’s my husband’s most recent ex-girlfriend’s name so it makes me a little angry anyway. I will now rename this dip “the n-ext best thing” cause she couldn’t hold a candle to me (bwahaha). Real talk though, I accidentally friend requested her when I was Facebook stalking 9 years ago. I’ve given up the PI work and left the stalking to the true detectives ever since.

My favorite deal on the site is the 5 for $16 sample pack. You can get generous samples of 5 different colors or glitters (exclusive colors not included) for a steal. Orders over $25 get free shipping! If you’re new to Zebra, use this referral link to get 15% off your first order, otherwise use the code Zebra10 for 10% off. And if you order please please please don’t forget to add on Golden Roses. Please. It’s so beautiful! You can see the soft glitter shine paired here with Panda’s Barely There.

Well that’s all for now, but I couldn’t keep these dips to myself any longer! Hope the holiday bustle is treating everyone well, and may we all survive with sanity intact for 2020.


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