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Fails and Fixes

I’m going to vent for a second. Do you ever have a day where you don’t really feel like doing something and so when you force yourself, every single facet of it goes wrong? Yeah, hi! Me. Last night.

To start off with, my peel base application from the previous week was shoddy and too thin. I refused to build my apex in clear underneath again because I really didn’t want to do anything at all, so I decided to just hack away at it with a pointy metal cuticle tool. So there I was, chiseling like a caveman trying to write his life story and I STABBED MYSELF. The obscenities that erupted from my mouth while sweat from exertion coursed down my face would make a nun take a vow of silence for my soul. Why didn’t I just take out my drill, you ask? Because it was kind of working in chunks and I didn’t feel like it, hokay?

Mani Fix #1- Peel Base Failure
Stop being lazy and take the drill out or soak those puppies in acetone and try again. If you don’t, you run the risk of needing a tetanus shot as well as completely shredding your cuticles like I did. Be smart. Take your time. Maybe just do it tomorrow instead, idk.

I made it out. I did it. Nails bared to clear, I squared off with yet unreleased Zooty Get Lit Glitter dips (free samples sent with the purchase of a naughty or nice duo last week. Get in with the group for the latest info on releases!!). [**I want to first give a disclaimer that the following events you’re about to read are not reflective at all on the powders themselves. This glitter is phenomenal. It’s fine and melts right into the dip! The colors are fantastic, the glow is beautiful and they’re just overall wonderful. I had one of those nights that started off on the wrong foot- see peel base disaster above- and then the entire process was just wrong. Sigh.**] So anyway, there we were. I prepared to do who tf knows because I didn’t plan it out. I had an idea earlier on but at this point, my mind was barren. I just did stuff, and I hated it! My left hand was Zooty 1926 mixed with a little clear, with a champagne glitter glow (Icon) ombréd on top of all but my ring. That finger was reserved for gold foil on top of 1926, and it looked awful.

Mani Fix #2- The Terrible Topper
Hello! Drill that ish! I took out my drill and removal bit and drilled off the top coat and some of my dip in about 2 minutes. Easy peasy! Then you can dip once more and smooth out any ridges with a file before activating. BEWARE that if you don’t wait too long, you should probably use a different brush for your base or use a bottle that you’re not too fond of and take extra care to wipe your brush. Most likely, your activator won’t be completely dry and can cause contamination.

So I just did a full coat of glitter glow for less of a stark contrast and I felt ok. The glow was cool, but my cuticle lines were horrid. Did I forget to wear glasses or something? What on earth.

Mani Fix #3- The Cuticle Line Saver
Do you own a thin metal file? If you don’t, you need one!! These files easily fit between your dip and cuticle and allow you to smooth off any weird jagged pieces from when you dipped with your eyes closed like me. They’re also amazing for when you haven’t quite figured out how to not flood the cuticle with top coat (it be like that sometimes), so they look great for a day or two but weird and pokey when they start to grow out. I keep one in my purse and one with my nail stuff so I never have to go without.

Fixed. But then I turned my hand over and *facepalm* what is all that stuff on my fingers?! Apparently I touched some base covered glitter in my haste and had concrete all on the side of one of my fingers. I’m not even completely done with a single hand and I want to throw the entire operation away. But I have kids! And they were sleeping, which wouldn’t be the case in the morning. So onward I go.

Mani Fix #4- The 180 (or Whatever) Grit Rescue
Yep, you heard me right. File with a regular nail file very gently on your skin until you feel happy with how it looks. It may not get all of the dip off your skin if it’s sensitive, but it’ll remove enough to where you don’t look like you forgot to clean after your plaster art project.

Hand #2. I’m angry with hand #1 and decided she didn’t get a second go around so NOPE. I’m doing different colors just to spite my uncooperative left hand. But what on earth do I want to do? I’ll just swirl some different colors together, eff it! I’m over it. And swirl some colors I did but OMG WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF?! My hands looked like Whoville barfed up their least appealing members of society. I mean, the glow was amazingly cool. Like, legit. But did I have to stay in the dark to appreciate my color combo?

Mani Fix #5- Color Combo Rehab
I’ll be honest here and say I’m not a 3 color mani person, and I know a lot of you aren’t either. When I do color combinations, I find that blocking colors together helps to make my nails feel cohesive. In this case, I was breaking the colors apart by not having any side by side. I decided to pop off the ring and pinky (I was very generous with peel base this time) and have my color anchor be the gorgeous pink that looked fab with my skin tone. And to be honest, I wasn’t feeling that color swirl that looked like a donut anyway. So when in doubt, I like to place my color anchors together and build off of that for some accents- white on thumb, color swirl with white under on middle.

Glitter layers on replacement fingers complete, but I then noticed bald areas on the sides of both of the fingers, like I rushed and didn’t extend by base coat to the sides. #$^!$%&*@!$#!!!!

Mani Fix #6- Rogaine Fo Yo Dip
This one is decently simple, but figured I’d throw this out there. Take your base brush and squuuueeeeze all but the tiniest amount of base out. Make very precise brush strokes in the bald areas and sprinkle the dip on rather than dipping. This keeps your patch from spreading too much and means less work afterwards. Repeat wherever necessary, then let dry for a couple minutes. Once dry, but before activator, take your file and lightly work the line between your patch and your original dip. Doing this before activator makes it easier to really get it smooth and blend it down. BEWARE! If you don’t use a light hand you may take it off in chunks instead. Go slow.

And that’s it. I’m done. I managed to get through activator and top coat unscathed on hand #2, but I’ll be treating my cuticles very gently until they heal up. I’ve done some bad dips, but only the worst of them can’t be salvaged. Do I love these manis? No, not really. Mostly because I’m a grumpy cat about it and mad about all the work I had to put in. And then when I was ready to crawl into bed at 1:30 in the morning, I had to chase and capture a hamster by glow of the Christmas tree, but that’s a story for another time. If you ask nicely in the comments I might elaborate, but you might be bored. If you choose to take that risk, drop it below. The point here is that they’re passable. I don’t mind sporting at least the white and gold hand for a week. Maybe in the spring or summer I would feel the same way about the retro Christmas hand I have going on, but I’m really feeling some old lady mauve at the moment. So which do you think is the least deplorable? Classy or sassy? Or put them both in the trash-y? I’m liking them more as the day goes on.


3 thoughts on “Fails and Fixes

    1. I thought I told you! Well we have a hamster named Harry that happens to be a little pigmy speed demon. He got out mysteriously a few days back and scared the crap out of me a couple nights ago when I turned on the lights and he scurried across the kitchen floor. I thought it was a mouse! He found a little gap in the kickboard under the sink and hid and I could hear him rustling and moving around every so often at night. Well this night, I went downstairs to get a drink after my exhausting mani fails and heard another rustling by the front door. I stopped in my tracks and this little speed demon bolts at full speed across the living room floor, only lit by the glow of the Christmas tree. Rodent by tree light, if you will. It was kind of romantic. Anyway, I hunkered down with my glow nails and my phone flashlight and commenced a scuffle and a scurry that lasted at least 30 minutes. I knew the little fluffer wanted to go back to the under sink safety, so I blocked him off and he charged. I caught him between my knees and with a cupped hand. The pink one, in case you were wondering. When I put him back to safety in the potentially escapable cage, he downed some water and filled his cheeks with seeds and burrowed into his bedding like he wanted to be there all along. Why’d he have to fight me for it?!


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