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Small Business Spotlight- ApotheCara, Diplomatiq and Miss Raven

There’s something about buying from small companies that makes you feel so warm and fuzzy- like you’re making a difference even if all you’re doing is really fueling addiction and adding to a collection that doesn’t need more additions. Either way, I’d choose to buy from a small business 100 times over rather than give money to a company whose owner I don’t know. I thought I’d put a spotlight on three companies today with fabulous women running them so you can choose for yourself!

First up is Cara from ApotheCara’s Aromatherapy. She is a ray of sunshine and literal light and always seems to take lemons and make the most delicious spiked lemonade out of them. Cara boasts a small line of aromatherapy sprays that have the most balanced scents with complex undertones. My favorites are the No3 Chamomile and French Lavender mist (my kids ask for it spritzed on their beds at night for the most calming effect), and the absolutely glorious Honey Balm. This balm is a rich and creamy vacation for your senses, and dare I say…it’s made me love patchouli. Don’t you dare repeat that! It has seriously saved my skin and cuticles in the winter and smells so dang amazing that I can’t even. I love it. To top it off, Cara donates 3.21% (for 3 copies of the 21st chromosome) to Heart Beats for Down Syndrome, a cause that’s close to her heart.

Up next is a new company for me. I received my first teeny tiny order from Miss Raven the other day and I was totally heart eyeing the heck out of the flaky dip. I only bought Cowgirl in the Sand and Petal to the Metal (sold out but if everyone asks nicely, she may bring it back), and I know it won’t be my last order. Miss Raven is run by Noelle, a sharp witted young mom who named her company after her daughter. Not only does she release dip collections like these gorgeous releases for Christmas, but she also sells jewelry, kitschy fabric bags and bookmarks. This is an epic opportunity to take care of some of your Christmas gift list while buying beautiful dips! Miss Raven is having a Black Friday sale starting 12 am on 11/29 where everything is 20% off and every purchase over $30 gets a free .25 oz mystery color. I will say the Petal to the Metal topper was incredibly soft and fine, but the nude dip was a little dense. Sometimes dips that are highly pigmented like this one will be a little sturdy, but I find that adding even as little as a tsp of clear will soften and fluff it up.

Last, but definitely not least, I wanted to showcase Diplomatiq Nails, whose powders are so soft and fluffy I sigh with every dip. Lauren has the most meticulously curated dip collections I’ve ever seen. Her powders come sealed, which is abnormal for a small company. You can clearly tell in every single detail and replicable dip that she pays careful attention to minutia, and I love that! Ask her any question you’d like about her products (including her fabulous cuticle oil rollers and butter balm), and she’ll rundown the benefits and bullet points. And the cute dip names just throw me over the edge! Lauren is having a Black Friday sale too, 11/29 12 am everything is going 30% off with code FRIYAY, and every order over $50 will get a free CBD Butter Balm. I love that stuff! There are specials going on all weekend so be sure to pay attention to the popup on the site when you click the link above.

Here you can see Diplomatiq’s beautiful Blush Cruller- my absolute favorite pink, with Infantry. I’ve topped Infantry with Miss Raven’s Petal to the Metal, and lathered everything with Apothecara’s Honey Balm. I’m in love!

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