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Stamping with Chrome

I know I’ve talked about toppers and how much I love them to take a regular old manicure to the next level, but I wanted to show you guys another way to use it that doesn’t involve gel liquids. I recently got my AliExpress order in after only a month (hah!), and I bought 5 different flakes and chromes to fiddle with. For only $4.88. Yes, seriously. They took forever but were worth the wait! If you’re a new customer to the site you can get a $2.00 off coupon with your first order which makes everything almost free. The one that I’m playing with today is Born Pretty’s chameleon chrome #2, which is super pretty pink, yellow and green chrome.

I’m going to tell you this up front because I don’t want you guys to hate me for ruining your stamper, but I will say that after repeated use and buffing your chrome into your jelly stamper, it’s going to get cloudy. It probably won’t pick up very much anymore. Please, please, please use a stamper that you’re not in love with, or have some replacement stampers around. You can wash your stamper with dish soap, but once you’ve marred the surface it may not come fully back to life. With great beauty comes great pain guys, sorry! It took about 20 times or so for my stamper to really start to look cloudy, so just a couple times won’t ruin it.

I’m super excited to show you my new Maniology stamping plates that I got too! They literally came in last night and I can’t freaking wait to play with them some more. I bought the Christmas Morning bundle with metallic polishes, a stamper and scraper, a Christmas layering stamping plate and a New Year’s stamping plate (which can double for 4th of July because FIREWORKS), all for $32.00. You can get 10% off if you use code Melanie10, which makes this an amazing deal. The sets are always the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for multiple items. I also got the cuticle protector and their smudge-free top coat, and can’t wait to try them out with my next stamped set.

I used the chrome stamping technique on my Zooty set for a little subtle bling on top of Nail Gloss. I originally used black stamping polish and an all over stamp, but didn’t like that it was such a dark and harsh contrast. I quickly removed that and used Essie Gel Setter top coat (clear) to show only the chrome powder on my nails. I thought that worked decently well, but it dried a lot faster than stamping polish so didn’t adhere completely on one little portion of the nail. You can see it, but it’s not prominent. Basically I was too sick to care that there were imperfections or that my hands don’t match. I used Zooty NailsGlancy and Nail Gloss on middles, with stamp on my left and some of the gold flakes on my right.

For the video, I used the gold stamping polish from the Maniology set (it’s lit I think is the name), and I really think that worked well. It gave the chrome a little more gold tint, but didn’t really obscure the other colors it reflected by making it too dark.

Here you can see both my too-dark stamp with black above, and my right hand where I went a little crazy with gold flakes. Trust me when I say they were flying all over the place! To watch the super easy process, see my video below and don’t forget to use code Melanie10 with your order at Maniology. The next Mani x Me subscription box is jewels and features both jewelry settings and stone textures with turquoise and silver polish. Check it out!


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