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Stamping with Maniology

I’ve always been interested in stamping but it still scares me. So the next logical step in my progress was to make a video of it so all of you who have been too scared to take the leap can see that it doesn’t take courage to stamp, it just takes one step, and then another, until before you know it you’re all stamped up and you have contrast colors and chrome. I haven’t reached that YET, but it’s coming. You just wait and see 😉

For all of you that are curious but not sure where to start, you can get a free stamping kit from Maniology, just pay shipping. The lighter colors are a little harder to pick up, but they’re good for practice. For the rest of you, if you use the code Melanie10 at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your entire order. That means you can buy more! You’re welcome, because their holiday plates are looking pretty sick.

Products used:
Bloomin’ Babe stamp kit from Maniology, comes with the stamping plates, scraper and stamper you’ll need along with two stamping polishes (I chose not to use them)
Born Pretty stamping polish in black
nail polish remover (not acetone)
packaging tape for cleaning the stamper

Some helpful tips:
1. Don’t over-scrape your plate or you won’t pick up the image. Scrape lightly and leave a little more to get a good transfer.

2. If you mess up, don’t freak out. It’ll come off with nail polish remover and your dip underneath will be 100% ok. Just don’t accidentally grab the acetone. That would be a good time to freak out.

3. I did a little research after this video, and there are a couple things you can do to protect your cuticles. You could put vaseline on the cuticle line around your nails, although I’m not sure how this affects the stamper over time. You could also buy specific peel off nail guard to make clean up easier. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s in my cart for next time! This one is latex based, so for others that prefer to steer clear of latex or are allergic, Maniology sells this version. The cleanup is my least favorite part so I’m trying anything that makes it simpler.

4. I don’t show top coating here, but it’s essential to make sure your stamp is COMPLETELY dry before you top coat. You’ll need to float your polish, which means to use more polish on your brush than you think you’ll need and to almost not touch the nail. This will keep your stamp from smudging. I use Seche Vite regular nail polish top coat, but you should be able to use any regular nail polish top coat or gel top coat. And of course, Maniology sells a smudge-free top coat.

And that’s it! It’s super simple and highly reversible, just make sure you set aside a pocket of quiet time to get acquainted. When I tried to stamp with the kids around it didn’t go quite so well, but it did come with a lot of memories and little butterflies and flowers on teeny tiny nails. Maniology polishes are 5-free and safe to use on delicate fingers. Catch you guys in a few days!


Remember to use the code Melanie10 at checkout for savings, because paying full price is so so sad.

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