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Zooty Collection- Casual Clique

YOU GUYS. If you’re reading this, quick- go to Zooty Nails and see if the Christmas collection is still available, add it to your cart and pick up the Casual Clique line while you’re at it. I’m not sure if you remember my other posts about Zooty (here and here), but they’re really a no-brainer in the purchase department. I can safely say that I would purchase a Zooty collection sight unseen, exactly like you should do. Right. Now. Because you missed the live in the Zooty Nail Group, didn’t you?

A little tip that I didn’t know about when I first started is that if you purchase something and you don’t really love it, there are people willing to pay to take that dip off your hands. I have a couple favorite groups for you to try, but let me tell you that Zooty goes like hotcakes because there’s never enough out there, they’re so beautiful, and pretty much no one ever wants to sell them.
Nailed it Marketplace- All Brand BST (the BST stands for Buy/Sell/Trade)
💜Dip Powder Nails💜Chat~Demo~Buy~Sell💜 (we call this one purple heart)

Now to the meat and potatoes of this post- the Zooty Casual Clique collection is lit AF. Holy smokes guys, it’s seriously beautiful! There was a rumor going around that this line would be all nudes, and I was here for it. Turns out it’s more easy-wear than nudes, like the casual sweater and jeans you feel most comfortable in. What do you guys think of these?

There are six dips, and I love every one…minus the brown. It’s nothing against the dip itself, it’s still easy to work with and richly pigmented without staining, but let’s be real here. I have brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Do I really want brown on my nails too? I’m sad to say I’m a brown hater, because I know so many of you ladies out there love it. It’s not a poop brown, thankfully, and my husband actually thought it was a purple when he first saw it so there’s that.

But the other colors? PHENOMENAL. I was a little reserved when I first saw the jars because the colors are pretty cool, and I tend to gravitate towards warm tones. There must be some sort of witchcraft included in the pigments, though, because they were so incredibly flattering. With the Lights On is the dreamiest, semi-sheer and super fine powder, and it went on like butter. If only every single powder could be so easy! Nail gloss is also pretty sheer, and would make a great allover nude pink shade, or a beautiful French or French ombré.

Sugar Walls though!!!! Ugh, this is gorgeous and my absolute, all time favorite shade. From the moment I put it on I have been and am still completely obsessed over it. I used it with a matte top coat, and it is so sophisticated and clean cut, beautiful without being flashy or showy…reserved, demure and classy. It also chromes (!!!!) like a pearl, which is such a solid plus. I’m going back to buy this in a larger size. It doesn’t photograph very well because it picks up the shimmer in most pictures, but this outdoor one is probably the most accurate, creamy pink nude color.

I love Dainty for a pretty Winter heading into Spring color! With the Lights On reflects back the lavender color in the glitter, so they seemed like such a great pairing. Did I say how easy these all were to work with? Lights On was tops, but they were all fine and fluffy, like I’ve come to know and love from Zooty.

And finally, here’s In My Skivvies. I paired her with Mama Morton because I felt like she needed a nice light gold bling and I feel justified in that. This one is a pretty, cheeky girly color, but not too bright or in your face. It kind of reminds me of Barbie’s classic shoe, the one I was always losing as a kid until I found it with my bare foot somewhere in the middle of my bedroom.

So there you have it guys. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION even though it wasn’t 100% what I was expecting. It never is, but somehow I always feel like it’s perfectly right. Zooty is like the Chick-fil-A of dip powder- if they get your order ‘wrong’, it’s because that’s what you were supposed to have in the first place.

Chick-Fil-A, Funny, and Life: HASHLANTA #FREENASTY
 I trust Chick-fil-A so much that I don't
 even check my bag and if they get my
 order wrong ljust assume they know
 what's best for me.
 6/8/18, 10:35 AM
I trust Chick-fil-A with my life https://t.co/hEWAEEqOnw

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