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My Dip Process and Ramblings…

Hello my lovely beauties! I took another step out of my comfort zone to record my dip process for you guys. The first step was deciding to publish a blog, which is making me feel incredibly naked and vulnerable. I want to show that I’m still learning as I go, but that even with little missteps and shortcuts, you can still get passable nails.

My nails are janky right now (sad face). All the failed peel base attempts have made them peel in layers in different spots, and my love of cooking makes them stained. I’m so happy to have dip in my life to make these sad looking finger accessories into something I don’t mind looking at. There might be a big chop in the near future though! I love to chop down and get to the bare minimum for a fresh start. What do you guys think? I’m still experimenting with peel base so we’ll see how it goes for the next couple weeks, but I may be forced into it.

In case you don’t want to watch the video or can’t hear my whispers, here is the final result after a failed attempt at stamping with black polish. I didn’t think to get a picture beforehand, so you get one with remnants of polish on my fingers and nails. Listen guys…I don’t claim to be perfect. I used Sparkle & Co peel base and liquids (step 2, 3 and 4), Diplomatiq Nails Blush Cruller and Zooty Bubbles on top. And yes I know, I’m going to be shunned for my off-season mani when it’s clearly Fall or Winter colors only but really, pink is all-weather.

What you didn’t see in this video is my prep process. I cut corners all over the place this time, but here’s my normal prep:
1. I use my drill with removal bit to take off any extra dip that decides to stick around after acetone. Usually it’s a clean removal, but sometimes- especially with gel top if I don’t take it all off with the drill- I get some stragglers.
2. Diplomatiq Nails Take it Off Cuticle remover (read about it here) and push cuticles back with a metal cuticle pusher.
3. Cut off any hanging bits of cuticle with a nipper, being careful not to cut into the intact cuticle.
4. Wash hands with dish soap, dry well and dip into alcohol. I let this evaporate off or I use a lint free cloth.

That’s it! And I truly can’t believe that I did one hand in 15 minutes. That kind of blew my mind! How long does it take for you to dip your nails?

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