Dip Powder Nails

Something Gorgeous This Way Comes

How many manicures per week = a problem? Asking for a friend.

I’m so excited to be able to bring you guys a sneak peek of something unreleased in the coming weeks. I got a surprise package and stayed up late just to swatch and plan some combos. I’m going to be going through these colors like lightning because they’re all so gorgeous and I promise you’ll want them! I can’t share them yet, but stay tuned. In the meantime as a peace offering, please accept some of my favorite past manicures which are completely unrelated, wink wink.

I’m a sucker for the pinks and nudes! This is Panda Barely There with Zebra Golden Roses as accent on ring and thumb.

More pinks! Left to right, there’s Revel Hush, Revel Truth, Zooty Vogue and more Hush on pinky and thumb.

Diplomatiq Blush Cruller (pink) and Zooty It’s Science…Bitch on middles. Fair warning, this dip is not for the faint of heart or new dippers!

Not the best application, but this was my foray into stamping! Revel Barbara and Zooty Bubbles on middles with Born Pretty black stamping polish and Maniology Wild Heart stamping plate.

Zooty Say my Name, Revel Truth, Zooty Vogue. I love this darker burgundy for Fall!

See you guys soon!

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