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Zooty Obsession and Sparkle Liquids Take 2

I’m going to just throw this out here, but Zooty owner Tracy Lentz is a nail and marketing genius and she deserves the utmost respect. I’ve been in awe since the Little Mermaid collection and have literally never been disappointed in a dip. There has been only one dip that didn’t automatically self level into place (*cough* It’s Science…Bitch *cough*), but it was so gorgeous that it was worth the extra drilling to accomplish. But I digress.

The point here is that I’ve had this Halloween mani planned for weeks, and I’m completely happy with how it went down. Binx is one of the Hocus Pocus collection dips, and just screams Halloween. I feel like it also throws off a little cat eye vibe, so I’m excited to maybe try this with an amber cat eye gel at some point. Binx ain’t no one trick pony.

For this look, I used a fluffy eyeshadow brush (elf. brand is $3 at Target) to sprinkle Binx onto my top two layers. In a look like this, I would normally do a final layer of clear, but trust me when I say there was nothing to smooth out! It was like some sort of miracle working glitter and while the black glitter looks matte, I think the orange is more of a satin look. I’m mesmerized by it, honestly. This is also my first time using Invisible Zooty (clear) and it’s the clearest clear I’ve ever had my hands on. Absolutely no bubbles!

My layers:
1. An apex layer 3/4 up the nail and only down the center in Invisible Zooty (clear)
2. 3/4 layer over the whole nail in clear
3. Base over entire nail, and use an eyeshadow brush to sprinkle Binx on tips. Sprinkle the clear over the entire nail and tap off.
4. Repeat step 3. If there are lumpy spots, I recommend doing an additional layer in clear prior to buffing as I’m fairly certain Binx will silver.
5. Activate. If you need to shape, do so now and clean and activate again afterwards. I didn’t require any buffing or shaping at all because the powders lay so flat, so I only did a single activator coat.
6. ~2/3 minutes later, apply first quick coat of top coat
7. Immediately do another, detailed layer of top coat over all nails.

Brush with a stiff nail brush or toothbrush after you’ve dipped your whole hand for each layer (after step 1, 2 and 3). This will get off excess and will keep your liquids from contaminating, as well as keep your clear crystal clear. Also another contamination tip is to wipe on something lint-free after you brush base or top coat onto your nail, before you put it back into the bottle for the next nail. I use a piece of thick white crafting paper because it’s what I have and I found that it works a lot better than a paper towel when it comes to avoiding erroneous fibers stuck in your dip.

This is my second trial with Sparkle liquids and I kind of legit love them! I decided to sprinkle instead of dip and there was absolutely no rippling. I also was a little more diligent in getting more of the dip off of the brush, since the brush is decently thick. Can you believe I didn’t have to file AT ALL?! Is this even real life? They’re also super thin but feel incredibly strong.

If you haven’t already, you SERIOUSLY need to get on the Zooty train before you miss out on one of the best nail companies I’ve ever encountered. Join the Zooty Nails group to be in the know for the next collection release, and snag basically everything that’s on the site at www.zootynails.com . If you want to try these amazing liquids for yourself, you can use code MELANIE15 on Sparkle & Co’s site for 15% off anything but the subscription bags.

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