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Sparkle & Co October Sub Bag Review

I was approached by Sparkle & Co for an opportunity to receive their October bag in exchange for a review of the contents on a social media platform. Can you even imagine how excited I was? Prior to yesterday, I was the proud owner of a total of four dips from S&C, all chunky glitters, and I loved every one. I realized this sub bag would be a different beast, since none of the colors were chunky glitters, and I’ve heard that their solids can be difficult. Before we go forward, I just have to throw a little disclaimer in here: In no way can my opinion be bought. This review is being completed on my own terms and I will perform an honest review regardless of the place of origin of the pretty things. Moving on.

The packaging: Astute. The pink box is pretty, though I’m not sure it comes with the standard sub bag offering. Everything was packaged really nicely and securely, even though there was some loose powder around the jars. I’m honestly not sure anything could have helped that at this point, because these babies were WRAPPED to the gills. You’ll notice two mesh bags here and that’s the point at which I squealed. They sent liquids to test as well! I love me a good dip liquid test.

The contents: The standard “Dip Powder Subscription” is $29.99 monthly, and normally comes with 3 mini dips, a ‘fun nail related liquid’, 3 swatch sticks and a bag. This month is a non-bag month, so the bag came with 4 mini dips! The liquid was peel base, which I figured I would need as I eyed the colors. I’m not a blue or purple girl, but I’ll dive in if you tell me I don’t have to wear it for a whole week or two.

The dips: I can easily admire pretty pigments without lusting for them on my nails, and these were no exception. I loved that they came with swatch sticks because sometimes mama is just too tired for swatches and I want to get right to mixing dips and playing. You can see here how utterly gorgeous the colors were in this galaxy themed bag. We have:
sb.75- Galactic Episode (Topper), which I happen to think would look beautiful on its own
sb.76- Supernova Glow, which glows a purple-y white
sb.77- Cosmic Collision, a temperature changer
sb.78- Space Dust, with glitter that reflects teal or purple depending on the direction of light

Y’all, I couldn’t think of a single thing to do with these powders. They were all beautiful, but nothing really spoke to me, you know? I thought the purple of Supernova Glow was the most flattering, so that’s what I went for. I didn’t want to be completely boring, so I went with the Galactic Episode topper ombre over the top, around the cuticles. I promise I’ll do something more fun next time, but needed classy and not too loud for work. But, hey- I used peel base. These babies aren’t staying on for long!

The liquids: Hot dang, these were pretty nice! I’m not sure if the base was a little thick on the brush because it was my first time using it, or if the brush may have just been a little too thick and holding onto too much liquid. Either way, I had a little trouble with rippling of the powder when I laid my nail flat on top of it, as if there was too much liquid movement on my finger. That was a bit confusing to me, only because I did three dips and it still seemed like it was almost too thin! I used a regular nail file to get at the rippled spots after they dried, but before activator so that I wouldn’t have much shaping to do at the end. Activator tends to turn everything into a solid rock that’s harder and more labor-intensive to shape. The top coat was super easy to work with, not finicky on timing and my brush didn’t harden at all, even on the second hand. It gave a nice sheen and had good control without flooding every last orifice.

My final opinion: I’m not going to pretend that everyone will love every color in every bag because unless you are just completely void of opinions, that’s not feasible. I will say that regardless of what your personal feelings are on certain colors, the powders themselves were superb. The solids weren’t difficult to use at all, buffed without whitening and didn’t clump. I have a suspicion perhaps that those that complained about difficult powders were actually having a hard time with the liquids shifting as they dipped. I’ll have to revisit this the next time and with the pour over technique to see if it results in a smoother manicure without the filing.

The topper I used sprinkled on with an eyeshadow brush so of course, no issues there. It picks up smaller pieces when dusted instead of dipped, and I love that when I turn my hand from side to side it looks like an entire galaxy of stars shimmering. Super pretty! And I’m a sucker for some good flake.

I was surprised by the use of chameleon color-shifting glitter in the darker dip. In fact, I was really surprised with a color shifting glitter, a flake dip, a temperature changer and a glow powder in the same bag. These tend to be more expensive, and are usually reserved one per sub in other bags I’ve been privy to. Kudos, Sparkle, for knowing that the devil is in the details and that your members want more of the hidden gems!

Overall, I’m pretty dang impressed with it all. Even the little shapes in the bag and the color coordinated, recyclable shreds. I also love that the team listens to their subscribers and uses them to create a bag that the majority would be happy with. If you decide to subscribe, mosey on over to their Facebook page, Sparkle & Co Luxe Nails Group, and find a sub bag member’s name to use at checkout. You’ll both get a credit if you do!

If you want anything else on their site (and trust me, there’s a lot), use the code Melanie15 to get 15% off your order. If you need ideas, their secret menu is where the member-created gems go, and I’ve been eyeing the chrome fantasies and flakes hardcore! I wouldn’t hesitate to get the liquids either, but I think I need a few more passes to really recommend them. Stay tuned!

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