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The Good, The Bad, The Goopy Liquids

Well guys, it finally happened. My beloved Panda Step 1 has gone and gooped up on me. I knew it was bound to happen, with the way I’ve been treating her. I haven’t been giving her the attention she deserved, got lazy with the steps and even (gasp) touched up some layers after activator. She’ll never be quite the same, but a little thinner actually loosened it up pretty well. Time for another order!

This mani was a complete trial and error mixed bag. I used Zooty powders again this week, which basically always get 10/10 for ease of use and fine grind. The color throws me a little. I Smell Children (Hocus Pocus collection) is a gorgeous pink that’s somewhere between a medium and hot pink, with a fine blue shimmer that can be chromed. I topped her with Pink Lavender Diamond Flakes that I got as a “toy” from a different collection. Maybe the Little Mermaid one?

On my first hand (left), I mixed the flakes into the gel top coat and used two layers. Boy, was that loud. It seemed to really bring out the blue toned shimmer and while it’s HOT and absolutely breathtaking, that blue tone does nothing for my skin. My nails are poppin’, but my skin looks gray.

I attempted to fix this on my right hand, where I still wanted the fun pop of flakes, but didn’t want the disco effect. For this hand, I only did one coat of flakes mixed into the top coat, and then a single coat of just top, no flakes. I think this one is more flattering than the first version, but I’m still not convinced. What’s your take?

My ratings:
Panda Liquids: 9/10
Zooty Powders: 10/10
Aimelie gel base and top coat: 7/10 (the coverage tends to be pretty spotty sometimes with the top coat, but the shine is great and it lasts even if I don’t liberally cap the edges)
Panda cuticle oil in orange cream: 7/10 (moisturizes decently and smells good, but I can tell it has fragrance oils and the moisture doesn’t last for very long)

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