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Where It All Started

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining me on my journey to beautiful nails.

A little bit about me- I’m Melanie, a wife, mom of three and a pharmacist. I don’t really have time for much else, but I stumbled into an obsession almost a year ago in November 2018. A Facebook advertisement for a nail dip powder company, Revel Nail, was on my timeline. I won’t pretend that they’re the best (liquids or powders), but they offered a selection of colors that blew my mind.

Now, keep in mind that I owned maybe five bottles of regular nail polish and a regular polish top coat that was meant to look like gel, but constantly gooped up after a few months (Essie Gel Setter, anyone?). This was uncharted territory for me. I wanted pretty nails, but I also had mom guilt if I did absolutely anything for me when I could be hanging out with my kids, enriching their minds and all that jazz. I saw that starter kit and thought “well that’s less than the cost of one guilt-ridden trip to the nail salon”.

Almost a year, 10+ companies, 4+ liquid companies, 200+ powders and glitters and a foray into gels later, I was invited to test some stuff out and thought WHAT THE HECK, I’m already obsessed. Might as well take it to a new level. Thus is born: THE BLOG. THE INSTAGRAM. THE ONLINE PRESENCE.

Just kidding y’all, I’m nobody. I just want to have pretty nails, like I’m sure you all do. I’ll be bringing you my honest opinions, nail tips and tricks I wish I would have known, fails if I have them (because we all have them, really), and probably a lot of unrelated things. Hope you get some laughs, commiserate and enjoy your stay with a true Nail Dipaholic.

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Nail credit: Zooty Nails Resting Witch Face on middles, from the sold out (SORRY) Hocus Pocus collection, with JouJou Dust No.1 chromed over Mojo Jojo on all other fingers. Liquids are Panda base and activator, with Amelie UV gel base and top coat, from Amazon. And yes, I wear my sweaters like that. Get over it, I have little arms. 

4 thoughts on “Where It All Started

  1. This is perfect. You have a way with words and I’m so excited to read your stuff and be your number 2 fan (since Aumbre declared herself #1). 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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